Arizona's attention turns to Oregon

Arizona's attention has already turned to Saturday's matchup with Oregon.

As soon as Arizona defeated UCLA on Friday night, the Wildcats’ attention turned to the championship game against Oregon.

“We know what we came here to do and we know what the task ahead is tomorrow of playing Oregon and a team that beat us already,” Allonzo Trier said. 

“There's nothing wrong with playing another night and getting a good win, and we're not going to let this overshadow and let us sleepwalk into tomorrow. We're proud of the way we played, and we're going to come out prepared tomorrow.”

Arizona’s loss to Oregon earlier this season has been discussed plenty and Miller recalls a team that couldn’t do anything wrong.

“They have to miss a few shots, man,” Miller said. “They went on a roll like I've never seen before. I wasn't even helpless. There was just nothing you could do. They made, I think, 16 of 21 at one point and one of the ones they missed, Jordan Bell heaved one up at the end of the half. I thought that was going in. 

“We have to defend the three-point shot. They're an outstanding defensive team. They do it in a different way. We have to execute like we did tonight. 

“I think a lot was made in our last UCLA game about our inability against the zone. Tonight, our ability against the zone was a big turning point in terms of winning or losing. We executed really well against their zone.”

The Wildcats will also need to find a way to score against a solid Oregon defense in a game that has the potential to be a classic.

“Oregon has a different type of switching, man-to-man match-up zone, and hopefully we can do the same thing,” Miller said. “Learning from the first game, executing better, putting these two guys in more of a better position to score. Look, anyone who plays Oregon has their hands full. 

“I'm really excited for the Pac-12. We have a brand-new arena, world class, a sellout, national television, and you have two teams that are vying for whatever seed we're vying for, but I think it speaks volumes for the Pac-12 Conference. 

“Really, I have a lot of pride for Arizona. Tonight we beat a really good team. I'm very, very proud of our guys and the way they responded and the effort they played with.”

Arizona did not get to play Oregon at home this season, but Saturday could be close.

“It's a great boost for us, and we're very appreciative of our fan base and how much they support us and the energy they bring us,” Trier said. “At the end of the day, it still comes down to us playing hard and doing the right things and playing well. They can be here all they want. If we don't go out there and play well, it doesn't do anything.”

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