Where will Arizona be seeded?

It's Selection Sunday. Where will Arizona will seeded? Read on for a better understanding and more.

The speculation about Arizona’s seeding didn’t even wait until the final buzzer sounded on Saturday as Arizona’s win now creates numerous questions regarding where it will be placed.

“I'm not even going to get caught up in that,” Sean Miller said. “The NCAA Selection Committee spends countless hours of evaluating. They have hard decisions to make. 

“Our record speaks for itself. The losses that we had, if you do your research, and I know you guys have, we didn't have a full team. As a matter of fact, Allonzo missed two of our four losses. Parker and Allonzo missed one of them.”

Speculation about the possibility of a one seed started once North Carolina lost to Duke. That loss likely pushed UNC to a two seed, which would then open up the one seed in the South.

Duke defeated Notre Dame on Saturday to win the ACC Tournament and the Blue Devils, despite having eight losses, have 12 wins against the RPI Top 50 compared to Arizona’s five.

On the other hand, Duke does have two bad losses whereas the Wildcats don’t have any. Arizona also won the regular season Pac-12 title, which may or may not carry some weight.

The guess here is that Arizona winds up as a two seed in the west, but Miller does not want to get too caught up in the seeding.

“At the end of the day, whatever seed we get, it's about us being the most ready,” he said. “These guys, they have to play great. 

“We as a team have to play great and build on what we did here. Wherever we're sent, our role and objective is to be ready. Doesn't matter. We're not going to be disappointed in any seed. It's a matter of us taking that seed and advancing.”

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