Joe Pasternack breaks down Saint Mary's

Arizona assistant Joe Pasternack gives some insight into Saint Mary's.

Arizona faces a multitude of challenges against St. Mary’s on Saturday and assistant coach Joe Pasternack knows that limiting the play of junior Jock Landale will be crucial.

“They both a great job on both sides of the ball," Pasternack said. “They have a great center in Landale who averages 16 points, 9 rebounds a game and he’s a great low post scorer.

“He would be one of the top one or two low post players in the Pac-12. That matchup is important for us.”

Pasternack is in charge of scouting St. Mary’s and views the experience of Emmett Naar and Joe Rahon as the center point of its offense.

“I see experience in their guards,” he said. “They start two guys in Naar and Rahon who run the show and they’re offense really milks the clock until the end.

“Those two guys do a great job of scoring at the end of the clock and I don’t know if we’ve played a team all year long that is this patient offensively who can really score at the end of the shot clock like these guys

While St. Mary’s operates at one of the slowest paces in college basketball, Emmett Naar, who is currently 2nd on the program’s all-time list for assists, and Joe Rahon move the ball at an extremely efficient rate.

“They can both play point guard for any team in the country,” Pasternack said. “They take care of the ball and almost have identical stats in every aspect of the game.

“It’s really advantageous for them to be able to move the ball well. Their offense runs through those two guards. It’s a big adjustment for us to really focus on being disciplined and patient on defense."

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