Ira Lee

Ira Lee looking forward to college

Now that Ira Lee's high school career is over, he has turned his attention to Arizona. Read on for his thoughts on college and more.

Santa Monica (Calif.) Crossroads 2017 power forward Ira Lee’s high school career recently ended, but he doesn’t exactly have many regrets.

“Our season ended sooner than any of us would have liked and looking back there were some certain things we could have done differently but as far as putting in all the individual work, I feel I did that,” Lee said.

“I was a little more injured that I would have liked, but there is nothing I can do about that.”

Lee seems to carry many of that traits of an ideal Sean Miller-type player.

“They want me to come and be pure energy and play defense, fly all over the place, rebound and just do all the things that it takes to win," Lee said.

"The Arizona coaching staff has recruited me since my freshman year. They were my first offer and the coaches have been really upfront with me.

"I know what is expected and if I play well I will know what my role will be. I don’t want to be promised anything I want to earn it."

The four-star forward isn’t sure about some of the academic and social aspects of college life, yet figures similar to the basketball side of things, he will be just fine.

“I don’t know what I want to major in or who I’m rooming with, but I will figure this out," Lee said. "This is the perfect school for me though, everything is  going to be great.”

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