Staying hopeful pays off for Allonzo Trier

Allonzo Trier's optimism helped get him through his suspension earlier this season. Read on to see how that played a role and more.

By now it’s no secret that Allonzo Trier missed 19 games due to a suspension for taking PED’s, but on Wednesday he discussed the issue with members of the national media.

Trier went through his suspension not knowing when he would play again and the experienced changed him.

“Obviously it made me mature a lot,” Trier said. “It's a situation that nobody is really used to going through and it's kind of different. 

“I think it allowed me to find ways to engage in the game and engage with my teammates and be locked in even though I wasn't playing.”

That hope and engagement allowed Trier to be ready relatively quick once his suspension ended.

“Having hope that eventually I would be able to get out there and play the game that I love and be a part of the game with my teammates,” he said.

“Then when I get that opportunity that I would be ready because I was engaged with my teammates.”

Although Trier remained patient, the experience did get to him at times.

“There was a lot of times where it gets to you,” he said. “It's more when you're kind of by yourself and you're in your room, and you're sitting there and you don't know when things are going to take a good turn for you.

“You're frustrated. You're sad. You can get emotional. I prayed and I'm very thankful to God I had an opportunity to play again and things have worked out to lead me to where I'm at right now.”

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