March 27 Arizona Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez discusses hiring B.J. Denker, special teams, and more.

* On Sunday afternoon, former Arizona quarterback B.J. Denker tweeted that he would be returning to Arizona as a coach and on Monday, Rich Rodriguez confirmed the news.

“We had an opening in a quality control position and I think B.J. did a great job at Texas A&M and I think it was a good move for him to learn under some friends and a new system,” Rodriguez said.

“I have always had an eye on getting him back and now we have a chance to get him back.  He will do a great job for us in recruiting and doing some quality control offensive stuff for us, so I am happy to have him back.   

“He is going to be a big part of helping organize junior college recruiting and having come from that, he knows it, particularly in the state of California.”

* One advantage of bringing Denker back to Arizona is his familiarity with the program.

“The biggest part is when you are looking at quality control positions and all that, he is going to understand exactly what we want to look for, whether it is in recruiting or scheme wise,” Rodriguez said. “He understands the program. He is going to have a career in this profession, no question.

"In the role he has right now, he is going to be able to provide some insight and do some things for the coaches and know what to look for without us having to explain it to him.”

*Josh Pollack has a handle on the kicking duties, but will be challenged as soon as freshman Lucas Havrisik comes on board.

“I think he did pretty well for the first time; we were probably doing too much with him,” Rodriguez said. “The kickoffs were always going to be an issue because his leg probably is not as strong for that, but the field goals I thought he was okay, he was pretty solid.

“This spring he has gotten better. He has some competition coming in with Lucas, but he has had a pretty good spring.

“I like the competition we have at punter. We are looking at maybe getting another walk on guy or something at kicker. I think Lucas and Josh will have good competition there, but I wouldn’t mind getting third guy.”

* Kicking is not the only special teams work that the coaches have out in, despite the fact that there could be some changes.

“We have installed the punt team, field goal kick and block and maybe do a little bit of punt block,” Rodriguez said. “We’re not even going to do anything with kickoff and kickoff return because the personnel may all be changing in summer camp anyway.”

* Although Rodriguez did not give specifics, he did confirm that Kahi Neves is being held out of practice due to disciplinary issues.

“Right now he is doing a lot of community service for us,” Rodriguez said. “There are some corrective issues in football he has to get done before we let him play football. When we get upset with some of the decisions they make, we have them do some community service.”

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