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Lorenzo Romar introduced at Arizona

Lorenzo Romar was introduced to the media on Thursday. Read on to see what he said about joining Arizona, his role, and more.

When Lorenzo Romar was let go from Washington, it did not take long for Sean Miller to make his pitch for Romar to join the Arizona coaching staff.

“I got a message from Sean to give him a call,” Romar said. “In years’ past him and I have called each other from time to time and talked about various things. I wasn’t sure what he wanted to talk about, but he brought it up. 

“He said, “Hey I am not putting any pressure on you right now, but I would really like you to consider joining us here at the University of Arizona.” 

“It really caught me off guard because I wasn’t thinking I would go as an assistant in college, but I have a lot of respect for Sean. Even though we have been competing against Arizona for so many years at a couple of schools I have worked, we have always had respect for the Arizona program. As I really thought about it, I got really excited about the opportunity.”

Romar wouldn’t get too specific with Miller’s pitch to him, but did say it was impressive.

“The things he talked about as to why he wanted me to come was right in my wheelhouse,” he said.

“Things I was excited to do. The mission he laid out for me was something that was very, very appealing.”

There was some consideration to sitting out the season, but it did not take long for Romar to realize that wasn’t going to happen.

“I sat around for about three or four weeks,” he said. “No, that isn’t a whole lot of fun. My wife and I were talking about this, you’re talking about 40 plus years you are part of a team. 

“The broadcasting thing, a lot of people do well in it that are coaches. You don't have that interaction every day and to be able to take a kid and a team from point A to point Z throughout a season is very rewarding and a thing you look forward to doing. Sitting out, I wouldn't have been able to experience any of that.”

Although Romar has the most head coaching experience on the staff, he looks forward to learning from Miller.

“There’s no doubt I am going to be able to learn from Sean and his staff,” he said. “He is too good of a coach. He crosses his t’s and dots his I’s. He is very organized. 

“There is no doubt I am going to learn from that. Again though, you're in a situation and program where you will play anywhere and compete with anyone and expect to come out on top.”

Romar will likely be one of Arizona’s top recruiters in the west and is embracing that role.

“They do a phenomenal job in recruiting,” he said of Arizona. “We have recruited against them at times and you hear how kids talk about the Arizona program and their coaching staff. 

“How they go about their business is very impressive. Whatever I can do to help and make sure Arizona basketball at least stays where it is at, but hopefully gets even better.

“It will be a different experience, there is no doubt about that. Anybody would understand we are trying to be the best we can be. 

“It was never communicated to me by Coach Miller that we are bring you in because we want you to get the Seattle kids. He has talked to me about having even more of a presence on the west coast and that covers a lot of ground.”

There is some concern among Arizona fans as to how long Romar may be at Arizona and how well he will adjust to being an assistant, but he did his best on Thursday to put those to rest.

“I’ve done it before,” Romar said. “I remember. I am here to help. I’m not here to run things. There is someone here that does a fantastic job. On the bench, I am sure there will be times I want to jump up, but I know my role and I know my place.

“I am not coming here thinking, okay I will put up with this for a few months so I can get a head coaching job. That’s not my train of thought here. I am here and I am locked in. We’re just going and we will see what happens. I’m not in a hurry to get out of this situation.”

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