5/3 Arizona Football Notebook

Rich Rodriguez discusses quarterbacks, senior leadership, and more.

* Rich Rodriguez does not tend to talk much about senior leadership, but believes that the seniors can play a big role in the success of next season.

“I think the senior class is going to take a lot of ownership into what the guys do this summer and how hard they work,” Rodriguez said.

“They know we have 45-50 new players coming in June and they have to set them right in our culture. I am pretty excited about the summer leadership I think is going to take place.”

There will be an early Signing Day in December and Rodriguez has been one of the more outspoken coaches as to how the NCAA handles the event

“I have been saying for several years now we should have no Signing Day,” he said. “I think if two sides come to an agreement, they sign a letter of intent. 

“There should be some parameters put in there, but just moving it up and having official visits for three months is really ridiculous.”

Rodriguez has not intention of naming a starter at quarterback before the opening game, but did give some insight into the competition.

“Nobody is the guy,” Rodriguez said. “If there is anybody that is a front runner, it is Brandon Dawkins because he is the one that has the most experience and has performed pretty well. 

“It is going to be a competition probably all the way up until the week of the first game unless someone separates. 

“I think Dawkins has the most experience, so we know what he can do. He has to play better and he has some things he has to work on. He knows that and he is a competitive guy. Why do I have to name a starter today when we don’t have to play a game for a couple of months?”

* In addition, Rodriguez implied that Arizona could add another signal caller.

“We will have a total of seven of them and the odds are better that we will find at least three with seven than if we had four,” Rodriguez said.

“I think the whole competition that we want in the quarterback room will be better now than it has been since maybe I have been here.”

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