Rawle Alkins provides perspective on decision to return

Rawle Alkins discusses why he chose to return to Arizona and more.

On Sunday afternoon, Rawle Alkins announced that he would return to Arizona for his sophomore season.

Earlier in the week, Alkins had an opportunity to expand on what brought him back to Tucson.

“It was a great experience to have the opportunity to get feedback from the teams,” Alkins said.

“I learned that I can compete with the best and I feel it is a great opportunity to showcase your abilities in front of the GM’s and head coaches.”

Alkins was originally supposed to work out with the Utah Jazz last week, but when he cancelled it raised suspicion that he could be returning to Arizona.

“Around that time I really spoke with Coach and I was telling him I was thinking of coming back,” Alkins said.

“At that time I was in New York City. Being in New York and talking with my coach, it was either the mindset I am all in or all out. I came to my decision and Coach Miller and I were happy and now I am back here in Tucson working out.”

Although Alkins is still focused on Arizona as a whole, he was able to receive plenty of feedback from NBA teams.

“All the feedback I receive I look at as a positive being that it will motivate me to have a better year,” he said. “I think everything that teams told me was great.

“Teams love the fact I am a versatile player. In fact, they tell me I am one of these hybrid kids that once I get a consistent jump shot, I will be virtually unstoppable. 

“I am using that as motivation for this year and I will continue to be in the gym every night until the first game of the season and I will shoot 1,000 shots a day.”

With one year under his belt, Alkins is confident in the upcoming season.

“It’s crazy to think just a year ago it was my first college game and I was as nervous as ever,” he said. “I was scared. This time around I think the first game I will be confident and ready. 

“I will have faith that my team has experience and depth. We have a great recruiting class and great leaders coming back next year. I think our team is going to be special.”

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