Devon Dotson

Sunday Arizona Under Armour Evaluations

We take a look at how Arizona prospects performed in Sunday's Under Armour Association.

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. - On Sunday, was in attendance at the Under Armour Association and saw numerous Arizona prospects in action.

We were really impressed in our first viewing of Dotson. In the early game, he was getting open looks, but they weren’t falling. He kept at it though and eventually they went his way, as he finished with 16 points. Normally he is more of a passer, but Dotson was aggressive offensively on Sunday due in large part to the fact that his team simply needed it.

In the second game, Dotson was fantastic. We’re confident in saying he is one of the best finishers in the class and when you mix his offensive ability with the knowledge that he makes his teammates better, there aren’t many point guards in the class better than him.

We’re skeptical Arizona has much of a shot here, but as long as he says the coaches are talking about him, it makes sense to watch him. 

In fact, we’re glad we did just that on Sunday because we saw a 26-point, 12 rebound performance in which he only missed two shots. 

Brown runs the floor well for a player his size and has a respectable jumper as well. We like him more when he posts up, but you can tell he is trying to add some variety to his game to make himself more dangerous. 

Once Brown gets stronger he will be even better, but he is easily one of the top prospects in the class.

Arizona is trying with Reid and it makes sense because he would be a great fit with what Sean Miller likes to do with his bigs.

It really comes down to how motivated he is, but when we saw him on Sunday he was getting to the line nearly every time he touched the ball and attacking the glass with aggression.

He made a few jumpers despite leaving off one foot, but that’s not really his game anyway. If he goes to a college that can convince him to play hard each time out and be the dominant rebounder he is, Reid has a long career ahead of him.

Quinerly’s shot wasn’t falling at all, but he finds way to impact the game in other ways, finishing with seven assists and one turnover.

He actually got some playing time at the two on Sunday, but that’s not his position and he is at his best when he has the ball in his hands. Quinerly is the type of player that is so smooth in his decisions that at times it looks as if he is not trying, though he is.In a class that is filled with quality point guards, Quinerly is right there with the pack.

Green struggled with his shot on Sunday, but the potential is clear. He finished with 15 points on 6-16 shooting and is at his best when he is slashing into the lane.

The 2019 product is one of the more athletic players in the west for his class and has extremely high upside because of the way that he is able to control his body getting into the lane.

Eventually he will realize he can get there more often that not, but he admitted after the game that much of his spring has been spent trying to learn new positions, such as point guard and shooting guard.

Mannion isn’t flashy, at least he wasn’t on Sunday, but he makes the right play more often than not and has a mature game for his age.

He finished with 14 points and 7 assists and was locked in defensively. We were impressed with Mannion’s ability to score in the lane or by hitting jumpers while maintaining his role as a point guard in making his teammates better.

With him being so young, it will be fun to see what type of player Mannion winds up being.

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