Recruits participate in pick-up

Arizona is hosting two recruits this weekend. Isaiah Swann and Davis Nwankwo have a chance to check out the Wildcat program first hand. They get to meet the coaches, the players and see the facilities. One other unique advantage is they get to measure their skills against potential future teammates in pick-up games.

Isaiah Swann showed that he is the type of guard who can play in the Arizona system. He wasn't shy at all and was impressive against established collegiate players. To be honest, he performed better in Saturday's pickup games than he did at the Nike Camp, but then again he was surrounded with better talent.

Swann proved once again he is a true combo-guard. He may be more inclined to play the two, but he showcased the skills that one needs to play point guard. He first turned our heads when he lofted a perfect alley-oop pass to Andre Iguodala for a high-flying dunk. Swann made great decisions when feeding the post and he has a nice way of slinging the ball down low so that it gets there in a hurry.

We almost didn't recognize Swann. All summer long he sported corn rows and a goatee, but now he has no facial hair and his corn rows have been replaced with short, short hair. We speculated that he had to change his look since school has begun at the Hargrave Military Academy, the school Swann is now attending.

Swann showed he is as quick and athletic as the Wildcat guards and had some nice moves on offense. Not all went smooth for the recruit as Salim Stoudamire did not take it easy on the youngster. Stoudamire made Swann work on the defensive end and got the best of him on numerous occasions.

Davis Nwankwo quickly showed he is a much different player than Mohamed Tangara, the recruit who we got to see two weeks ago in a pick-up game. Nwankwo is less aggressive, but more polished. He didn't force much on offense, and took just a couple of shots while we were watching. Most of the time on offense he passed out of the post and set picks for his older teammates.

He worked hard on defense and seems to know how to get into position for a rebound. He was particularly effective on the defensive glass and was very good at getting his team started in transition. He's fairly quick and runs the floor very well.

Nwankwo is on the thin side, but is fairly strong as far as we could tell. It was a little tough, because he was going up against thin freshman Kirk Walters most of the time.

It remains to be seen how both visits went. If pick-up is any indication, both players would fit well in the program. Now we have to wait and see if the rest of their visit went as well.

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