20 Most Important Wildcats: #15 Michael Eletise

We continue our countdown of the top 20 Wildcats with #15, offensive lineman Michael Eletise.

With less than one month to go until the start of fall camp, we're going to count down our 20 most important Arizona players for the 2017 season. These are the players we believe are the most important towards Arizona’s success, which is not to be confused with a ranking of overall talent.

15. Michael Eletise, Redshirt freshman offensive lineman

Why He’s Important: Eletise is likely going to start at left guard, which was one of the weaker parts of the offensive line last season. 

Freddie Tagaloa is gone, which leaves Christian Boettcher seemingly as the starter. However, Boettcher really struggled last season and if Eletise is healthy, we can’t see him losing out on the position.

Eletise is one of the highest regarded players that Rich Rodriguez has landed at Arizona and the early reviews were positive.

He was originally recruited as a tackle, but showed enough versatility where he can pretty much play any position on the line.

In fact, there was some word that he could have played center in an emergency last season, but that never happened.

We’ve talked plenty about how we think the offensive line has the potential to be the best overall unit on the team and players like Eletise are a big reason why. 

Eletise has a nasty streak similar to Jacob Alsadek and if Arizona can get two strong anchors at each guard spot, it will allow what should be a dominant running attack to be successful. 

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