Nwankwo not ready to commit...yet

The Wildcats will have to wait and find out if Davis Nwankwo will join the fold. They are in the position of no longer needing to sell the player; Nwankwo wants to be a Wildcat. What the staff needs to do now is convince his parents the Tucson campus is the place for him.

Davis Nwankwo is a talented 6-9 post player from Georgetown Prep in N. Bethesda, MD. He was in Tucson this past weekend and fell in love with the Wildcats.

"It was great, I had a lot of fun," Nwankwo said of the visit. "I feel that Arizona is the right place to be."

Although Nwankwo is ready to commit, he hasn't. Before he pulls the trigger he wants his parents to feel comfortable with his decision. While his parents like what they see at Arizona, there is another school that his parents like as well." "They like Stanford because of the education," Nwankwo said. "They feel comfortable with both, but obviously they like the educational aspects of Stanford."

Although his parents have an input in his decision, in the end Nwankwo insists that it is his call. Even so, he wants his parents to be happy with where he will spend his college days.

"Right now my parents are wary of the (recruiting) situation," Nwankwo said. "I want to discuss it with them and make them comfortable with my decision."

Education is very important to Davis and his parents. Nwankwo is not sure what he wants to study, but he won't take it easy in college. He says his academic pursuits will lie in one of three fields: business, medicine or engineering. Even though he is an excellent student, Nwankwo naturally has a huge interest in the on-court aspect of college life as well.

"I feel very comfortable with the academic and the athletic sides of Arizona," Nwankwo said.

Nwankwo felt an instant bond with his teammates and his interaction with them on and off the court is a major reason he is leaning toward committing to Arizona.

"I think I blended very well with the guys," Nwankwo confessed. "I like them a lot."

Playing pick-up with his potential teammates was a huge selling point.

"We played pick-up for two hours a day each day," Nwankwo said. "That's where I felt really comfortable with the team. The guys were really great to be around."

The big question is what comes next. Nwankwo and his high school coach, Dwayne Bryant, say they will have discussions with his parents. Josh Pastner will be there on Tuesday to meet with the family and that may lead to a verbal. Nwankwo says he doesn't expect to have a timetable to actually commit, but does know when it could happen.

"I may be pretty close," Nwankwo said. "Very, very close actually. I have to talk to my parents and ease them down a little bit."

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