TCU coach Gary Patterson press conference

"The three games Arizona has played are no indication of where they are or how good they are. Four of their first five games were at home, which is usually a good situation if you're a coach. The problem is they were against teams like LSU and Oregon," said TCU coach Gary Patterson to start his weekly press conference.

On Arizona

"The three games Arizona has played are no indication of where they are or how good they are. Four of their first five games were at home, which is usually a good situation if you're a coach. The problem is they were against teams like LSU and Oregon.

"Their three quarterbacks (Nic Costa, Kris Heavner and Ryan O'Hara) are all athletic. They all have positives. They're just young and works in progress. I know all about young QBs. We actually looked at Heavner and recruited him but we already had James Battle.

"Arizona will be the most athletic group we've played. Their running back Clarence Farmer will be going in the first round of the NFL Draft next year. He's very good and they've had some great backs there with guys like Trung Candidate. He (Farmer) will be as hard a runner we've faced since I've been here. They also use three tailbacks, which means they have fresh legs all the time and that's a big deal. "Arizona has great wideouts as well. They have tight ends that can run faster than our linebackers, which presents a big problem. Arizona is more of a power team that pounds you with their running backs, which sets up the play action pass and allows them to get the ball in the hands of their great wide receivers."

On starting quarterback Tye Gunn's status:
"Tye started throwing today. He'll make the trip with us to Arizona for sure, but he won't start. Brandon Hassell is going to start and has been preparing for that role. Kyle Kummer has been getting the No. 2 reps in practice this week. The good thing about this week's game is that it's non-conference, which means we can take a few more people than normal. In conference, we can only take 65 guys. We'll take around 69 or 70 for Arizona.

"We won't really know until Saturday before the game if Tye is going to play. We have to see how he looks during the walk-throughs. We have to remember that we were able to win without him and Lonta (Hobbs) both last week."

On whether or not the coaching staff has focused more on the back-ups with the starters getting hurt:
"Not really. We rotate a lot of players in and out, so everybody knows they're going to play and they're prepared. We tell them what happens if they're not prepared and how they'll embarrass themselves in front of 40,000 people when they play. "Kyle Kummer wasn't scared to go in against Vanderbilt as a walk-on when Hassell started cramping up. In fact, we had to pull him off the field a couple of times because he was so eager to get out there. You have to like guys like that. My approach to everything is that guys will surprise you if you don't hold them back."

On the youth of the DL with Maurice Bouldwin and Terence James:
"They didn't grow up as fast as Bo (Schobel) and Bobby (Pollard), but they're coming along. The bottom line is they're going to have to play."

On the play of Brandon Hassell against Vanderbilt:
"We probably made a mistake when Brandon didn't get in against Tulane and Navy. It's just like last season when Tye (Gunn) made his first start against Houston. I wasn't happy with Brandon's feel in the pocket early in the game, but he settled himself down."

On the Vanderbilt game:
"Brandon ran the entire offense and he made some young mistakes at quarterback. We played well enough to win. Our offensive line and tight ends played well, which allowed us to run."

On turnovers:
"We have to stop turning the ball over so much. You can't do that every week and think you'll win. One of the biggest concerns we had going in against Vandy was whether or not (Robert) Merrill could hold on to the football. He did a good job protecting the ball."

On Robert Merrill's blocking:
"He didn't do too bad. He wasn't in a lot of situations that called for it. The toughest thing for him to handle was the little screen pass. He dropped one that could have been a touchdown or at least a first down. But, he made two good catches after that. It's tough for a young back because he knows he's going to get hit on a play like that."

(On Logo Tevaseu's play against Vanderbilt): "Logo brings an intensity to the kickoff that we haven't had in a while. That's why we brought him here. You won't see him on defense yet, but he's getting closer. The defensive end position is still not out of the question on pass rush situations. Never say never."

(On TCU's injuries): "We don't dwell on them very much. You either have kids that want to win games or find excuses not to play. A lot of the guys on the injury list are still practicing. You just have to go with it."

(On TCU's passion and intensity): "I thing we actually needed to tone it down a bit against Vandy because we almost had some fights out there. We're a lot more physical now."

(On what disappointed him against Vanderbilt): "What I wasn't pleased with was our punting against Vandy. Big returns can happen because of a punt's hang time. We're progressing, but I still expect more from John Braziel."

(On playing night games): "My biggest concern isn't the ballgame. Playing the game is not a big deal. It's getting ready for the next one. It doesn't matter when you get back home because you have to start preparing, and there's a point where you have to finally go to sleep. I hate going west because it's a two-hour time difference and we'll get home rather late and that's hard on all of us."

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