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Cat Tracks was able to catch up with many players and coaches after the game to get their thoughts on the UCLA loss. Here are some of their quotes. <B>UPDATED WITH PHOTOS</B>

Comments by Coach Mike Deal

On the quarterback situation.
"We wanted to play Nic in two different parts of the game. We wanted to get him into the second and fourth quarters for two series each. Kris is still our starter and that is not changing."

On the running back situation.
"Our plan was for Mike to spell Clarence today and we think he did a good job of that."

Nic Costa
On the game and the interception he threw to end it.
"It feels pretty bad. On that last play it was a blitz read and the guy was just sitting there. It was just one of those yo-yo balls. We came out there and felt we could move it on the last drive like we had been all night but it just didn't happen."

On the missed field goals.
"We had some problems there but those situations should have never happened. Our kickers shouldn't have been put in those situations because we should have been able to score as an offense."

Ricky Williams
On the game.
"Our coaches came out with a great game plan against their zone defense. We were definitely prepared."

On tougher practices.

"Our play has been more intense in practice. We have been playing the (first team offense and defense) against eachother more. The coaches have been working on a lot of things like trying to get us in and out of the huddle faster."

Darrell Brooks
On the bye week.
"The bye is a time to get healthy. It is something we need to take advantage of."

On preparation for UCLA.
"We stayed with our game plan all night. We knew what they were going to do. It was just one of those games when the best team performs in tough situations and comes out victorious. We really played our hearts out tonight."

Comments by Coach Mike Hankwitz
On the game.
"This was really bitter-sweet but I am extremely proud of our players. They played hard all game. They were out there trying to make things happen, which is great. But it resulted in a couple of bad penalties like that face mask call. I told the team that the difference between winning and losing is that much. I thought our offense played tremendous. The running backs played harder, tougher, and better. The first half our quarterback play was great. In the second half turnovers really hurt us. I told our team that if they keep making that kind of effort like they did tonight that they will get there. We need to not let the disapointment of this loss get to us."

On benefitting from the week off.
"We can go back and work on some fundamental stuff. I am just so proud of our effort. We need to look at this game and point out the positives and learn from the negatives."

On the quarterback situation.
"We played two guys because we have to keep guys in the mix in case someone gets hurt so they can come in and be ready."

On the kicking situation.
"You never want to take a guy out because he isn't getting the job done, but after a couple misses we felt we had to make a change."

On Clarence Farmer being given a clean slate.
"We think since Clarence has been given more of an opportunity he has worked and practiced harder."

UCLA Coach Karl Dorrell
"I've been nervous all week. Now you know why."

"We stole one here. Arizona came ready to play. With all the changes they have had, they changed who they are as a team. They played hard and had a lot of enthusiasm. We beat a team on the road that was ready to play. I can't underestimate the importance of that."

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