McClellan's visit serves several purposes

Jawann McClellan has known for a long time that he wanted to be a Wildcat. He has been intrigued with the program since he was a young boy and committed to the team before his junior year. He took his official recruiting visit this past weekend and in many ways used it to solidify the team he will play for in just one year. If McClellan has his way, Shaun Livingston will also be joining him when he gets to Tucson next year.

Jawann McClellan is a 6-4 shooting guard from Houston Milby High School who committed to the Wildcats last year, at the time the earliest commitment to the program. The hot shooting wing has visited Tucson before and spent much of the visit palling around with Shaun Livingston, the nation's top point guard recruit.

"I spent a lot of time hanging out with Shaun," said McClellan. "We're real close. I've known Shaun for a few years. We met each other in the recruiting circuit."

The two obviously get along. They watched Saturday's scrimmage on the bench next to Lute Olson and the two spent a lot of time laughing, joking and high fiving.

McClellan tried to show his enthusiasm for the program to Livingston and feels that the visit went very well for the Peoria point guard. Livingston has been favoring Duke for some time, but McClellan does not think that it is a done deal.

"I think we've got a strong chance at getting him," McClellan said of the team's chances. "He told me that if Duke had him locked up he'd never come down to Tucson."

Livingston may or may not commit, but McClellan's desire to play for the Wildcats is strong. Other than hanging out with Livingston, McClellan used the visit to show his mom his future home and to further entrench himself in the Arizona system.

Both Jawann and his father had visited Tucson before, but this was his mother's first trip to the Old Pueblo. Like Jawann, his mother fell in love with the town.

"I had seen everything the last time I was here," said McClellan. "We basically showed my mom everything. She was so impressed that she'd like to move there."

McClellan spent a lot of time working out both on and off the court. He got another chance to play pick-up and worked out as much as he could. McClellan has already tried to put himself on a weight program similar to that of the Wildcats' and he learned more about the system while on he was here. He also got to show his stuff in front of several hundred Wildcat fans during a Friday pick-up. McClellan looked very good playing against older players and gave a great glimpse into the future.

Livingston got a lot of attention from the fans, but McClellan felt the love as well. He received a standing ovation when he walked onto the McKale Center floor and signed autographs all weekend long, including side by side with the current team during an autograph session.

"I love it, I love the attention," McClellan confessed. "The people of Tucson were real friendly."

While there is drama surrounding Livingston's recruitment, there is no drama for McClellan. The senior shooting guard is focused on winning a state title for his Houston Milby team. Although there is temptation to look ahead to next season, McClellan is anxious to get things started next week when his team begins practice. McClellan won't settle for anything less than a state title.

"We're number one in the state," McClellan said.

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