Livingston To Focus On Decision

Shaun Livingston's tour is over. According to his father, it's decision time. So, what can we expect?

Four visits, three schools remaining. That's where it stands with the nation's top point guard, Quentin Thomas last month.

So, how did the Illinois visit go? "It went real good and I think he had a time," Reggie Livingston, Shaun's father said. "We're trying to make [the decision] November 3. The season starts in two weeks. We'd like to get it over with. I'd like for him to get over with it pretty soon."

Livingston's father said that if a decision can't be reached by Nov. 3, then a target date of Nov. 10 would be next. It's clear they want to make a decision by the time Shaun's high school season begins. Now, it's about sitting down and analyzing the choices.

"We come back, sit down and talk a little bit. We'll probably let a couple of days go by and probably talk Tuesday night. We'll talk about the pros and cons of each school. It's going to be his decision, not mine."

But there will be a few people of note in the room when it comes time to weigh each school's pros and cons. Reggie Livingston said the "inner circle" will be comprised of Shaun, himself, the high school coach and Shaun's grandfather.

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