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We're getting closer. It might be a tough concept to grasp but Shaun Livingston is on the verge of making his choice. No, he didn't discuss who his leader is but he certainly ranked his visits and talked about what goes into the decision.

Official visits are just one part of the process for Shaun Livingston that much we know for sure. And while he's not making a decision based on just his official visits, the nation's top-ranked point guard and No. 2 overall player did lend some insight into his trips as he ranked his visits.

"Probably it was Duke No. 3," Livingston said of his trips. "I'm not making a decision based on the visits though. I'm basing it more on the feel. I'm basing it more on how I feel about everything from the coaches to the players and the system."

The fans turning out by the hundreds at Illinois and Arizona really impressed. For example, he was moved by the Tucson crowd. "A lot of fans came out to the scrimmage and about 400-500 fans came out. I got to chill on the bench and watch the practice and saw everything."

Of course, they lined Ubben Basketball Complex (crowd reported to be around 800 strong) for him at Illinois as well. "It was real red carpet. They did a good job on my visit. It was well organized. When I scrimmaged the crowd support was good."

Duke's visit didn't have the fan interaction as the others did but it was good and different in its own right. "Duke was more actual down to earth real. There were no fans when we played. It was just hanging out in the dorms."

The decision is on the horizon. The word on the streets is that this thing is likely to end in the very near future. There will be no eliminating any schools publicly. A press conference will be called and Livingston will pick from his three remaining schools.

"I feel I'm going to make the best informed decision. They're all good schools. I have to make the best one for me. I don't which one is for me; it'll just come to me."

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