Nwankwo and his parents ready to decide

The recruiting saga of Davis Nwankwo may soon come to an end. As recently as a few weeks ago Nwankwo was not sure when he was going to make a decision and was seriously considering signing in the spring. That apparently has changed. Now barring a major surprise, Nwankwo will select a school by the end of the early signing period.

"I am very positive that I will sign early," Nwankwo said. "That's what I am hoping for. It's not right for me to wait. It will be hard for me signing in the spring."

Originally Nwankwo's parents wanted him to wait to make his decision, but now they too feel getting the recruiting process over is the right thing to do. Nwankwo has a number of elite level schools courting him and the whole family realizes that if he waits to long some of his options could dry up.

"They agree it is the right time," Nwankwo said. "They know it is what is best for me and that is all they ever wanted."

Just what school receives a letter of intent remains to be seen. It looks to be coming down to a three team race between Arizona, Virginia and Stanford. For the longest time the Wildcats have been the leaders and that does not seem to have changed.

"It's close between the three but I like Arizona a little bit more," Nwankwo confessed. "There's something that place that I love."

Nwankwo was ready to commit to Arizona after visiting back in September, but he was also very close to committing to Stanford after his visit to Palo Alto. Understandably his parents were cautious and wanted him to explore all his options before making a decision he would regret.

His parents made no secret that they liked the academics at Stanford, due in large part to Davis' own sales pitches after his visit. After his visit to Tucson he tried to convince his parents that Arizona, not Stanford, was the place for him. His parents wanted him to make sure that he explored all his options so they encouraged him to take all his visits and he soon took trips to Virginia and Georgia Tech (he visited Miami previously). All those visits did was make Nwankwo's love of Arizona even greater.

Now all he had to do was convince his parents who still liked the academic advantages of the Cardinal.

"They love me and want what is best for me," said the 6-9 forward. "I may not always appreciate it, but I know they are looking out for me."

The past few weeks have seen the various coaching staffs trying to convince the entire family, not just the player, that their schools were the right one. As signing day gets closer, his parents feel much more comfortable with all of his options.

"Just by talking to them they have put them at ease," Nwankwo said of the coaches' strategy. "Early on they talked to me, but now they talk to my parents a little bit more. They are now comfortable with all the coaches and the programs."

Nwankwo had nothing but good things to say about the final three schools on his list. He recognizes that all three have something unique to offer.

"At Stanford the education is good and the athletics are good," Nwankwo said of the Cardinal.

"Virginia is close to home," Nwankwo confessed. "They are a lot like Stanford. I get along really well with the Staff."

Although both Stanford and Virginia are excellent schools with excellent basketball programs, Arizona still has Nwankwo's heart.

"When I visited everything was just great," Nwankwo said. "I connected with the coaches, I connected with everyone there really."

Although Nwankwo's parents have had a huge say in this recruiting process, they won't make the final decision. Nwankwo insists that the final call is his.

"I'm going to make the final decision on my own," Nwankwo said. "They'll support me wherever I decide to go. They're starting to open up to the different possibilities."

For now it is a waiting game. Will Nwankwo pull the trigger and become a Wildcat? Will he go to his parents' favorite in Stanford? Or will he stay close to home and play for Virginia? More than likely we'll find out in the next few weeks.

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