Game Talk

Quotes from the locker room after UA's 27-22 win over Washington. It was a very upbeat environment and the players and coaches had nothing but glowing comments. <b>Jim Livengood</b> even chimed in with a few remarks.

Darrell Brooks

"This is the best feeling in the world and a feeling that we will want again. Now we just need to come in against USC fully focused like we were in this game."

On if USC should be worried about coming in here now

"I think they will be. They know that they are going to have to come in here and play hard if they want to beat us. We are executing much better now and we really wanted to get this win for Coach Hank. The atmosphere in practice was great all week and you see the result we can get from a great week of practice when we are executing like we know how."

Nic Costa

"This just feels great. We have played a lot of teams close and it feels good to finally win a close one."

On the difference between tonight's close game and the other close games this season

"Well, I think the obvious difference is that we finally put it together for four quarters and beat a good team by doing that."

Ricky Williams

"The biggest factor tonight, I think, is that our defense showed a lot of character. I am just so proud of them. It was all a matter of execution and we did that tonight. We executed great tonight. That is something Coach Hank has been preaching to us all week. He tells us that we just have to executue and we will get over the hump, and obviously we did."

On going into a game like USC and thinking they can win

"Well, we never go into a game thinking we are going to lose. If you do that then you have already lost. We think we can compete with anybody and if we execute the way we know we can, then we always like our chances."

Mike Bell

On becoming a better player with time

"I have just been waiting for my moments. This is a game of patience. I have learned that sometimes you are only going to get a two, three, or four yard gain. But if you keep working hard at it and running with confidence you are eventually going to break those long runs like I was fortunate enough to do tonight. A game like this really helps my confidence."

On what this win means to the team

"It has just been building up for so long and it just feels so good to win. This is the best feeling in the world that I have right now. It was just unbelievable to see the happiness on everyone's faces; the coaches, the players, and the fans. The fans were great tonight. They really helped us out and provided a great game atmosphere."

Jim Livengood

"There couldn't have been a better time for a win. It is Homecoming and everyone was excited to be here and we are definitely going to be okay. This was not just a win. This was a big-time double-u."

Michael Jolivette

"I knew we could play with these guys. I knew it was going to come."

Mike Hankwitz

"I couldn't be prouder. We've been through a lot and we've lost players along the way. We've been telling the guys all along to keep on fighting and working."

"I am extremely peoud of Mike Bell. Bell has established himself. I attribute that to Mike's hard work and the offensive coaching staff."

UW's Adam Seery

"It was an embarassing loss. We did not play well at all. We came out sluggish from the start."

"This loss is tougher than the Nevada game, because we had momentum coming into this game."

UW's Cody Pickett

"This is a Pac-10 game, and you don't want to lose Pac-10 games. It hurts us more because it is a conference game."

"This is very hard to take."

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