Coaching Candidates Part 5

With December fast approaching it is safe to say that the Wildcat coaching search is winding down. By this time there is a top ten and it is close to being trimmed to the finalists at any time. Cat Tracks has presented a number of potential candidates, some logical, some farfetched. Here is a look at the final group of coaches who could be on the list.

Johnnie Lynn
Defensive Coordinator
New York Giants
Age: 47
Alma Mater: UCLA (‘79)

Resume: Currently the defensive coordinator for the Giants...Was defensive backs coach for the team before that…Coached DB's for the 49ers and Buccaneers…Was a Wildcat assistant in the late 80's/early 90's
Pluses:Coached at Arizona in the Desert Swarm years…Was a grad assistant with the Cats before that…Has coached in a Super Bowl…Has credibility from his days of being an NFL player…Ties to the west.
Minuses: No head coaching experience...Has not coached in the college ranks since the early 90's…Has only been a coordinator for two seasons and the Giants defense is up and down this season.
Chances: Fair. Lynn has come on strong of late and may just make the final group of candidates. His chances are bolstered by both his ties to the program and the fact that he is a top minority candidate. He will likely have to leap frog some other candidates to land the gig.

Mike Stoops
Co-Defensive Coordinator/Associate Head Coach/Defensive Backs Coach
Age: 40
Alma Mater: Iowa ('84)

Resume: Defensive coordinator and associate head coach of the best team in America and one of the best programs of the last five years...Has coached in 14 bowl games and played in four others.
Pluses: Great defensive mind…He may be the hottest young assistant in all of college football...Defensive coach of a national champion and Rose Bowl winner…Played in a Rose Bowl…Has great ties to Texas.
Minuses: Has the odd distinction of being co-defensive coordinator with Brent Venables....No ties to the far west…Has had a few off field incidents.
Chances: Very Good. If Stoops isn't in the final four or five candidates it will be a major shock. Along with Hunley he may be the odds-on favorite if he does not pursue other jobs that could open.

Charlie Strong
Defensive Coordinator
Age: 43
Alma Mater: Central Arkansas ('83)

Resume: Has coached at Florida on four occasions and is currently the defensive coordinator…Has also coached at South Carolina, Notre Dame, Mississippi, Southern Illinois and Texas A&M...Had an internship with two NFL clubs.
Pluses: Has coached in 14 bowl games...Has coached 20 NFL players…Routinely puts top-20 defenses on the field.
Minuses: No ties to the west…Has not been mentioned as candidate for the UA.
Chances: Poor. Strong will be a head coach and soon, but he's more likely to get an SEC or an ACC job. With no ties to the west, he won't get the Arizona job.

Jeff Tedford
Head Coach
Alma Mater: Fresno State ('83)

Resume: Head coach at Cal-Berkeley...Has done a great job in two years, despite probation and a huge loss of seniors.
Pluses: Has won at Cal despite a lack of talent...Quarterback guru that has coaches NFL QB's like Kyle Boller, A.J. Feely, Akili Smith, Trent Dilfer and Joey Harrington…He recruited David Carr to Fresno State while he was the Bulldogs' offensive coordinator…Also coached in the CFL.
Minuses: Has only been at Cal for two seasons and may not want to leave for another job, especially another Pac-10 job.
Chances: Fair. Most look at Tedford and wonder why he would want to leave Cal? He has the Bears playing well and the future looks very bright once he gets his players in the system. The one problem is the facilities and fan support at Cal are not good. As of now there are no plans to improve the facilities and he may want to get out if the right job comes around. If he is interested in the Wildcat job then he has to be one of the top candidates.

Chris Tormey
Head Coach
Age: 48
Alma Mater: Idaho (‘78)

Resume: Head coach at pass-happy Nevada...Was also head coach at Idaho and led the Vandals to their first bowl game…Assistant at Idaho and Washington.
Pluses: His Nevada teams have set school records for offense…Was on the staff of the '91 national champion Washington squad…Served under Denis Erickson and Don James among others...Great ties to the west.
Minuses: Has not had overwhelming success at Nevada…His record overall is good, not great…His name is very close to Tomey.
Chances: Fair. Tormey is a good coach but does not have the name or pedigree that will get Tucson excited over football. Is likely in the top-10 at this time, but probably won't be a finalist.

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