Olson discusses the signees

"We're really pleased with the two guys we got letters on," Lute Olson began as he took time to discuss the Wildcats' two newest players. "We anticipate another one on Saturday." The Wildcats received two national letters of intent. Jawann McClellan and Daniel Dillon officially became Wildcats, while Mohamed Tangara ran into a little snag, but is expected to have his letter in soon.<BR> <A href="http://arizona.theinsiders.com/2/201061.html">DANIEL DILLON INTERVIEW</A>

Lute Olson on the signees:

"With Jawann McClellan we haven't been able to talk about him. He committed to us between his sophomore and junior year. It sort of took everyone else by surprise. There was never any question about taking that commitment. With Jawann and his parents, they're the type of people who would never go back on a commitment.

"Jawann has stayed so loyal to this program. He knows a lot of kids around the country that he has played with and against. He was almost like having another staff person recruiting because he is the kind of person everybody likes. He's a very personable kid. His loyalty to the program has been fantastic.

"The kid can shoot the lights out. He's 6-5, he's going to be a very complete player. He's a shooter, he handles it and he's very unselfish. He's an outstanding student. He's the kind of kid you love having in your program and his parents are outstanding people. We're really excited about his addition to the program.

"The one that everyone was shocked by was Daniel Dillon from Australia. In talking with basketball people in Australia, their indication was that he was the best young player in the country. A couple of people who were involved in coaching the younger players said that they were waiting for someone who was good enough to play in our program and they definitely feel that Daniel can.

"We've seen tapes on him. He has nice size, good length, very athletic. Colin Donovan, who has set up our last three trips to Australia, lived next door. That was one of the connections. His wife is best friends with Daniel's mother. Once the scholarship was offered it didn't take long for the commitment to come. As a matter of fact I talked to his mom on Sunday and she says he's been wearing Arizona gear since he was six years old.

"Both of them are really outstanding students as well, "B", "B+" students. We've got two really good people, good players, good students so we are excited too about that.

Question: Have you seen him (Dillon) in person?

Olson: "No, we've seen him on tape."

Question: Has he been here yet?

Olson: "No, he'll come in December."

*Mohamed Tangara's Letter-of-Intent did not arrive today and it looks as if it may not get to the team until Saturday. Apparently there have been problems stemming from the fact that Tangara attends school in Durham, NC and his legal guardian in the United States lives in Georgia. Our sources claim it is just a logistical problem and that Tangara will indeed sign with Arizona.

*Davis Nwankwo did not send a letter on Wednesday, the first day players could sign. He has indicated that he will most likely sign by the end of the signing period on the 19th. It looks as if he will sign with Arizona. Stanford is another possibility. Virginia, the other team in the mix, has apparently filled their scholarship limit.

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