Game Talk: USC 45, Arizona 0

It was a tough game for Arizona fans and players, but the Wildcats were gracious enough to sitck around and discuss the rough loss to USC.

Joe Siofele

"You have to give credit to their offense and defense. We tried our best, but we just couldn't do anything against them. This was really the first time we were good against the rush all year but we couldn't stop their passing game."

Ricky Williams

"We just could not execute against them. That's all there is to it. "

On the ASU game

"We are just going to go up there and play our best. We have to execute up there and do our best. We will have no problem getting up against them."

Darrell Brooks

On if UA was intimidated against USC

"We were not intimidated. We came out focused but could not get it done."

On USC's wide receivers

"They were excellent, but not more than we can handle. You can't take anything away from them but we should have done much better."

On the ASU game

"We have to be ready for that one. It does not matter what our records are. Both teams approach that game with a passion and there is no telling what can happen."

Clay Hardt

On putting this season and Senior Day in a nutshell

"Well, it's been a long road. It obviously did not end up the way we wanted it to."

On the USC offense

"They showed a lot of different formations and they do a lot of different stuff to keep you off guard."

On losing on Senior Day

"Well I am disapointed but not that disapointed. We still have a rivalry game to play in a great atmosphere and we are really looking forward to that."

Coach Hankwitz

On what to say to the fans about this shutout

"Well it is obviously very disapointing. We had two opportunities down there with goal to go and we couldn't get it done. We just couldn't do it tonight. The young guys on this team are just not ready to play a team like USC. Our goal is to just keep improving."

On USC's ability as a team

"No question they are a great team. But, we made a lot of mistakes. Our dropped passes did not help. We are a young team learning and this is a growth process for us."

On not scoring before the half and what affect that had on the team

"That would have proved to us that we could score against their starters and we were capable of playing them like that. So it would have been a confidence thing and I definitely think that was a big turning point in the game."

On what he told the team after the game

"I just told them that 'SC is an outstanding team and that we are not as bad of a team as the score indicated. I also told them that if we could win our last game against ASU it would be a tremendous finish. We will come back next week fresh after taking Sunday and Monday off. We should be back on Tuesday but we are not sure how much we will get done that day."

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