Hassan Adams update

When Hassan Adams took his official University of Arizona campus visit over the weekend of Oct. 13, it was widely believed that a verbal commitment to the UA would be forthcoming.

According to Adams' mother, Connie Adams, that is not the case.

When I called the Adams household, Hassan was already in bed. So I spoke to his mother. "I've been reading on some of the internet sites that Hassan would commit to Arizona while he was in Tucson," his mother said. "But that's just not true. He liked his visit but he hasn't made a decision."

His mother went on to say that her son would take two more visits be before, "we all sit down and decide what's best for Hassan."

Adams and his mother will visit the California-Berkeley campus the weekend of Oct. 27 and UCLA the following week.

Connie Adams accompanied her son on the UA visit but missed Midnight Madness and spent only one day in Tucson.

"I got to meet all the academic support people," his mother said. "I want to be sure my son will have the opportunity to get a good education. Basketball is for now, but an education lasts a lifetime. I want him to get his degree."

Hassan spent his time in Tucson visiting the campus and getting a feel for life as a student athlete.

"Hassan had good time," his mother said. "He got to meet the players and he enjoyed himself a lot. He really likes Arizona, but he's not ready to make a commitment."

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