Iguodala's decision gets a whole lot tougher

I spoke with Andre Iguodala and his mother, Linda Shanklin. After our conversation, I believe it's fair to say it will not be an easy decision when the family sits down to choose a school.

Iguodala is considering Boston College, Arizona, Kansas and Arkansas. He's taken official campus visits to BC and Arizona. He'll visit Kansas the weekend of Oct. 19 and Arkansas Oct. 26. Eachj visit is supposed to make things a little clearer and his decision easier. But that's not the case.

"It's getting tougher," Iguodala said. "I thought it would be easier, but it getting harder (to make the decision)."

Iguodala's mother Linda, along with her husband Leonard Shanklin traveled with Iguodala when he visited Boston College and Arizona, so it's obviously going to be a family decision. Like most parents, the Shanklins want what is best for Andre. The trips are their way to find out first hand what each school is like and they came to Tucson with a few concerns.

"We wanted to find out about the role of the black population," Linda Shanklin said. "With only two percent of the community being black, we were concerned. But after our visit we don't have any problems. They took us to the Martin Luther King Center and introduced us to Alex Wright and I can tell you this, he runs the denter exactly like Dr. King would run it. The center is for all races and when we were there I saw a very diverse group of people. There were Hispanics and whites and blacks. It was just for everyone. I was so impressed.

She had similar things to say about UA Head Coach Lute Olson.

"Coach Olson is a legend," She said. "There's no doubt about that. But he's really just regular folks. He's like the guy next door, so down to earth. And he just loves his grandchildren. I saw a picture of all 14 of them."

To trip to Tucson was meant to give the family a clearer vision of Andre's future. But like her son, Mrs. Shanklin said the decision just got a whole lot tougher.

"It's a pretty tough decision," she said. "I came away thinking, wow that was a lot to absorb."

The impression the family has of each coaching staff will also be a factor in Andre's final decision. "Lute and (Arkansas Head Coach) Nolan Richardson and (Kansas Coach) Roy Williams are so successful. They all have committed themselves to their programs. (Boston College Head Coach) Al (Skinner) is making an impact, but he's still young."

With the positive impression it left on the family, Arizona has definitely made up some ground. Arkansas was widely considered the team to beat, and the Razorbacks will get the last shot at Iguodala when they play host Oct. 26.

Arkansas has told Iguodala that they will play him at all three perimeter positions. In our last conversation he said that was a factor. Now, Iguodala seems to have changed his mind somewhat.

"No, I've thought about that and I don't care about playing the point," Iguodala said. "I think if I'm going to make an impact it'll be at the wing and that's where I need to play."

Only time will tell which team wins the battle for Iguodala and it might even get more difficult as he takes his last two visits to Kansas and Arkansas.

"Right now it's all even," Igoudala said. "I'm just really confused."

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