Ranne in U of A Homecoming Court

In the tradition of Kevin Flanigan, Jason Ranne, a four year letterman on the U of A Basketball team, was selected as one of the five finalists for Homecoming King during Homecoming Week at U of A recently. Ranne did not win the crown, but a Cat Tracks' subscriber did. Here is his account.

Many campus groups nominated their favorites for the position, then Mortar Board, a Senior honorary society, had a series of interviews and get-together with the candidates to boil it down, first cutting the field to 20, then 10, then finally to the top five. These five, along with 5 queen candidates, were then put on a ballot for a vote by the entire student body to select the King and Queen.

The winner was David Baker, a senior from Scottsdale, AZ, who has been a subscriber to Cat Tracks since 1998. David had some comments on the election; "It was good competition - any one of us could have won it. I felt that my constituency was sorority hotties, while Jason's was the "jock" vote! While Jason was draining jump shots, I was draining tequila shots!

Jason's "cross-over" move was offset by my crossover between computer geeks, which I am, to wild and crazy party animals, also a group I have been closely associated with during my years here! While Jason was reading scouting reports, I was reading Cat Tracks! While Jason has been scoring on the court, I have been scoring .............whoops............wait a minute...........will my Mom read this?"

The King, Queen and the entire court were introduced at a huge bonfire pep rally before the UCLA game, then appeared on the football field at halftime. King or not, a good time was had by all.

David also added, "It goes to show that at a great institution like U of A, where Basketball is King but partying is what we are really here for, more homecoming voters like to flip their wrist to get a good angle on their beer mugs than to get proper rotation on their jump shot!"

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