Stoops meets with players, working on the staff

Mike Stoops had a busy first day as Arizona football coach. He had a ton of clerical items to take care of before meeting the staff and players. Stoops spent time meeting with advisors, trainers and other staff members. Later in the day he and brother Mark met with the team for almost an hour.

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Stoops emerged from the meeting wearing an Arizona shirt and commented on the choice of attire to the collected media.

I kind of like it. Red and blue, my favorite colors.

How did the meeting go?

Stoops: "It went great. The guys were excited. They understand a little better what it take to win and compete at the level we're competing at. I think they're excited."

How did they take to what you were saying?

Stoops: "Everything they said has been very positive. They seemed very excited and willing to make the investment. That is what it is going to take. You just got to take it one day at a time and get better. I think we can make up a lot of ground between now and even spring ball in our physical development, team speed and conditioning."

When will your weight program start?

Stoops: "It will be in place after break. They only have a week left, so I'm not too concerned about what they do. Hopefully they come back and understand that it will be a little different. I think they are willing to accept that and they understand that they need to change some of their work habits to match their expectation level."

Could your staff be delayed because of January bowl games?

Stoops: "There's guys in the NFL, there are guys all over. A lot of it is for my own personal well being in taking my time to make sure we get guys that I'm comfortable with, who are a good fit for here. I don't want to rush into anything and I want to make sure that the coordinators have some input. That's important to me."

When Bob got to Oklahoma he made sure there was some ‘Oklahoma blood' on the staff. Do you see yourself doing the same thing?

Stoops: "I've approached a couple of Arizona guys. I've made calls too, to see what their interest would be."



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