Grading the Texas Game

Arizona had the huge win over Texas. It snapped a streak of two close games and allowed the Wildcats to prove that their may indeed be life after Isaiah Fox.

Message board contributor Triangle & Too routinely grades out all of the football and basketball games and we decided to put these insightful posts up on the front page.

These grades might be a TAD inflated -- but for 40 minutes -- it was a great game -- and for 15 minutes of the second half -- almost a FLAWLESS game.

Transition Defense – A
Texas likes to run. They had limited success in doing so. When Texas DID run -- it simply opened it up for the Cats to run -- and the Cats ran faster.

Transition Offense – A
We saw a lot of fastbreaks -- and getting up the floor quickly, even when it didn't led directly to a shot attempt. The Cats put the pressure on Texas all night -- except for the last 5 minutes -- when Texas finally did what they should have done earlier. THERE IS AN OLD SAYING -- that holds true IF you have good athletes yourself -- PRESS A RUNNING TEAM!!!!!!!

Half Court Offense – B+
The only thing keeping this from being a solid A was the lack of consistent outside shooting in the first half. MOVEMENT is the key and the Cats had that.

Half Court Defense -- A
Texas is SO MUCH BETTER than St. Louis, yet our defensive effort was SO MUCH BETTER against Texas. The pressure man-to-man was effective and it was shocking that we did not get called for more fouls. Cheapie officiating would have killed our pressure man-to-man strategy. WE WILL unfortunately see that happen sometime(s) this year.

Offensive Rebounding – B
Texas won the numbers game, but considering our lack of height, the effort was fine. When there was a loose ball on the floor -- it envariably ended up in Cat hands.

Defensive Rebounding – A
One could argue that we gave up TOO many offensive boards. True. But, Texas rarely got an uncontested shot on the putback and there were many blocked shots (9 officially -- Too thought there were more) that helped.

Officiating -- A
Many mistakes, but NO WAY were the Cats cheated. In fact, the PHYSICALITY favored the Cats who were not nearly as physical, but didn't get called for the cheapie fouls that are going to HURT us come Pac-10 time. The officials basically let the players decide the game -- what more can you ask?????

Intangibles – A
Madison Square Garden -- Lute and Bobbi Court II.

Passing /Ball Handling -- A
In this category -- Too thinks UA excelled in this ONE game -- maybe more than ANY game last year. Spacing was great. Driving lanes were created. There were some nice screens. Passing was crisp. Chemistry is coming together. We did see the importance of Shakur, once Texas began to press. With the MASSIVE improvement of Rodgers -- he was not able to deal with the press at the end of the game. He will learn.

Bench Depth -- A
Our 6 man rotation was fine last night. We didn't need any more than 6 because we avoided foul trouble and amazingly showed NO SIGNS of fatigue.

Overall GPA 3.8 for Texas game. THIS EFFORT was good enough to beat ANY team in the nation and was one of the finest Wildcat efforts in recent memory.


NAU 3.4
FLA 3.1
St. Lou 2.3


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