Brandon Roy update

I spoke with Gina Roy, Brandon Roy's mother, this afternoon and she brought me up to date on her son's recruitment.

Roy, a 6-5 wing from Seattle (Garfield), Wash., took the ACT test Oct. 27 and asked that the test be put on "speed delivery" in hopes that he might have the score posted in time to take his visit to Arizona during Midnight Madness festivities. According to NCAA rules, Roy can't take any official campus visits until he's posted an SAT or ACT test score. It need not be a qualifying score, but it has to be posted.

Thus far, no such luck.

"We're still waiting for the score," his mother said. "I paid an extra $54 late entry fee just to get him in to take the test. We should have had the score back by now."

Any number of things could be holding up delivery of Roy's test score, but the recent Anthrax-tainted letters being sent through the Post Office might be contributing to the problem.

"The test is scored back east," his mother said. "and you know the problems they're having with the mail back there because of the Anthrax scare. I just don't know when we'll get the results." His mother said her son can't wait to take his Arizona visit, but no date will be set until he gets his test score.

"He wants to visit Arizona and Gonzaga," she said. "The coaches have been patient and we'll just have to wait. Even Boston College keeps calling, but there's no way I want him to go all the way to Boston. The planes (that bombed the World Trade Center) flew out of the Boston airport. I don't want him going there."

She said Arizona, Gonzaga and Washington were the main schools involved.

"And Washington State," she said. "(WSU Head Coach Paul Graham)has been so nice and he's worked so hard to recruit Brandon. So Washington State is still being considered."

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