Coach's Corner: Marquette ends a wild week

It was a short week for the Wildcats. They played Texas late on Tuesday night before heading back to Tucson for finals. Lute Olson found time on Friday to discuss the road trip and Marquette, Saturday's opponent, with the media.

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What are some things you saw on the road trip that you want to improve?

Lute Olson: "We have to do a better job on the defensive boards. We've made good progress in each of the games. Against Texas, I didn't think we got into a situation where our guards over-penetrated. We got good rebounding out of the guards against Texas. We have to get better defensive rebounding out of our power forward position and better offensive rebounding at the small forward position. We still need to do a better job of taking care of the ball. We had a number of really good fast break opportunities that we didn't convert.

"They are things that can be corrected. I think by playing teams (Marquette) of this caliber, if you don't do something well it will be obvious. One of the strengths of Marquette is their ability in their help defense to really jam the middle up. If our guards are over-penetrating against them, they will get called for charges.

"They do some things we need to take advantage of, and they do some things that we need to make sure that we aren't making poor decisions."

Does the fact that you've just played Saint Louis help in your preparation for this game?

Olson: "It's important that you learn to play against all tempos. Marquette will play good fundamental basketball. They really go to the glass hard. Tom (Crean) probably picked that up from Michigan State. I think we can hurt them if we can rebound. If they get the offensive board, then it's a different story."

What do you think about (Marquette's) Travis Diener?

Olson: "I told our guys yesterday that you're playing against (former Oregon guard) Luke Ridnour. He's just like Luke, maybe more under control than Luke, but tremendous off the dribble. He'll pull up for threes on the break. You can't give him an inch. He'll shoot it four or five feet beyond the three, so you have to be on him. As far as we're concerned, we have to get ready for him just like we did Ridnour."

At what point did you realize that Andre Iguodala had a triple-double?

Olson: "I didn't until after the game. I didn't realize that Hassan (Adams) had 30 either. I knew that we had good balance and I knew that Hassan had really been hitting. He was shooting the ball well outside and getting put-backs inside.

"I'll make a prediction. It won't be the only one (triple-double) (Iguodala) gets this year. There is no way he should not be in double figures on the boards, and it will be unusual if he's not in double figures point-wise. So it all gets down to whether he gets double-figure assists or not. He's really good on the defensive boards, which means a lot of the time he will be leading our break."

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