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Quotes from the locker room and post-game press conference after the Wildcats 83-71 UA win over SDSU. We caught up with <b>Hassan Adams</b>, <b>Andre Iguodala</b>, Chris Rodgers</b>, <b>Channing Frye</b>, <b>Ivan Radenovic</b>, and <b>Lute Olson</b>.

Hassan Adams

"We played our game tonight, and got a win. We played better in the second half. We are a second-half team. We try to finish strong, that is what we do best. We always try to go on spurts. We go out and play hard. When shots go up, we hit the boards hard and get the rebounds. Once we get the ball, we get ready to go."

On the Christmas break

"The break will help us. It is nice to see the family. Once the break is over we need to come back and take care of business."

On the play of his teammates tonight

"We all need to know our roles and contribute anyway we can."

Andre Iguodala

On his rebounding tonight

"It is all about being aggressive. I try to get up to get the rebounds and put it back in. I just go out there and have fun."

On the play of his teammates

"Everyone on our team is contributing, getting minutes and scoring. We will need everyone to contribute in conference play. We had a couple of mishaps out there because we weren't communicating. But I think we played well. We came out with the lead after the first half and we weren't down. I think if we keep attacking we will be all right in every game."

Chris Rodgers

On the team's slow starts

"It takes time for us to get it going in the beginning of the game. In the second half we wanted to turn it up. We could sense in their eyes that they were getting tired."

On the better team effort of rebounding

"Our coaches got us to hit the boards harder tonight. Every game we need to come out ready to play. We wanted to defend our home court and that is what we did. We came out a little sluggish. It takes a while for our defense to kick in. This win was as good as any other."

On how anxious he is to get into Pac-10 play

"I am not so anxious. We are just taking this day-by-day and when it is time for conference play we'll be ready. In the meantime we have other business to take care of."

>On what he wants for Christmas

"My two front teeth."

Channing Frye

On the team's slow starts

We need to be more aggressive at the start of the game. Hopefully we can continue to get off to good starts like tonight. It is not how you start though- it is how you finish."

On missing a double-double by one rebound

"I let my team down. If Hassan and Andre can get 10 or 12 rebounds, I can too. I think they stole one of those rebounds from me. I told Andre that if he got seven rebounds or more I would give him five dollars. So I guess I owe him. We all do what we have to do to get a win - it's not about individual things. I need to be aggressive on the defensive end. We have so many talented players on offense, I just need to rebound and block."

On his newest teammate, Ivan Radenovic

"Any element can help us right now. As good as he is, he will definitely help us in the long run. His attitude and versatiity is awesome for us."

On Ivan's defensive skills

"He's okay, you can only do so much against a sexy person like me."

Ivan Radenovic

On his first impressions of playing at Arizona

"These guys are great. The game moves much faster here."

On how cold it is back home

"I am very glad I am here and not there."

Lute Olson

"Tonight we played lights-out in spurts, and then we played like the lights were out at some other points. We have to understand that every possession is important. At times, we just tried to force shots, and we did not let the game come to us. We still have a lot of work to do. It is very frustrating from a coach's standpoint because I know what we are capable of doing. We just have to try to put a whole game together and play for 40 minutes."

On playing better in the second half

"In the second half we moved the ball very well, and we shot 52 percent from the field. We have been shooting very well, and we have also been shooting well from the free throw line.

On his team's rebounding

"It was very good to see that Hassan got to the defensive boards, which resulted in a double-double, and it was good to see that Andre got to the offensive boards, which also resulted in a double-double. I think Hassan could have five dunks a game on missed shots, but he can't do that if he is 18 feet away from the basket. That definitely is a step in the right direction the way him and Andre played the boards tonight. Andre had an excellent second half. He really got on the glass, and he showed how quick he is to the ball. He is a great shooter from 15 feet when he drives to the lane, but he has a terrible habit of taking off on one foot in the paint. He also needs to stop reaching in because that forces him to sit a lot in the first half - which is what happened tonight when he got two quick fouls. He has these really long arms so he always tries to slap the ball out but nine times out of ten he will be called for it.

On the play of Channing Frye

"I told Channing that he wouldn't play against a better center than Sanders all year and I think he did a good job against him."

On the play of Chris Rodgers

"Chris Rodgers played very well for us again tonight, and he did a nice job defensively. For the most part he did a very good job of taking care of the ball. Chris has proven to be our most consistent perimeter shooter.

On what the addition of Ivan Radenovic will mean to this team

"Ivan will make a tremedous difference for us. You all are going to see a really good player. His presence alone will get some of our other guys more rest so he will help us in many ways. You are not used to seeing European guys that can move like he can laterally. He has really good feet."

On the plans for after the Christmas Break

"We will come back for a night workout on the 26th. The players have a few days off, and then we come back because we have two games to get ready for this week. We really have to start putting full games together."

On whether the UA will continue the series with SDSU < "We have a lot of alums in the San Diego area that like this game being played, but we'll see."

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