Christmas gifts for the Wildcats

It is one of the biggest clichés in sports writing. That's right, the "Christmas Gifts" column where the columnist hands out gifts to individuals in the sports world. I guarantee that all around America sports writers are doing this kind of column. So, originality be damned, here's my 2003 Christmas gift list.

To Lute Olson: I give the gift of stability. May this team suffer no more injuries, have no more players transfer and have no one test the NBA waters. Let's give Lute just one year where he does not have to worry about his personnel.

To Andy Lopez: A few arms that can last through the postseason. A summer visit to Omaha would be nice as well.

To Joan Bonvicini: A few extra conference road wins.

To Salim Stoudamire: Four inches in height. If he were 6-5 he would be a sure-fire NBA first-rounder.

To Mustafa Shakur: A nicer jumpshot.

To Mike Stoops: About eight new linemen on both sides of the ball.

To Chris Rodgers: A little more patience. He's already learned that good things come to those who wait. Eventually a starting job is his.

To Channing Frye: He already got his gift. Ivan Radenovic will make the big man's life easier. Now teams have to guard two big men.

To Ivan: A pair of shorts. He won't need a coat for the winters here.

To Jim Livengood: About 50,000 football fans a week.

To Clarence Farmer: An opportunity in the NFL.

To Nic Costa, Kris Heavner, Richard Kovalcheck and Ryan O'Hara: a fresh start in the spring.

To Mike Bell: 1,000 yards.

To Kirk Walters: Protein powder, Met-Rx and a lot of chicken, so he can gain 15 pounds of muscle.

To Fil Torres: Just one more Cubs win.

To Isaiah Fox: No bagel jokes here, how about a healthy recovery and an extra year in the program.

To Jason Gardner and Rick Anderson: One chance to prove themselves in the NBA.

To Brandon Phillips: A full recovery.

To Mike Hankwitz: A defensive coordinator job at a quality school.

To Greg Allen: The services of Erica Blasberg for the full four years.

To Mike Candrea: An Olympic gold medal.

To Nancy Evans: The success of the new women's pro softball league.

To Ricky Hunley: The experience to get the next head coaching job he pursues.

To Jason Johnson: A successful stint in NFL Europe and another shot at the NFL.

To Arizona Basketball fans: Many more years of Lute Olson.

To everyone reading this list: A safe and happy New Year!

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