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Cat Tracks was in the locker room and press conferences after the UA's 107-91 win over Liberty. We heard from <b>Ivan Radenovic</b>, <b>Andre Iguodala</b>, <b>Lute Olson</b>, Liberty Coach <b>Randy Dunton</b>, Liberty guard <b>Ryan Mantlo</b>, and Louisiana-Lafayette Head Coach <b>Jessie Evans</b>.

Ivan Radenovic

"It was a big day for me and the team - we played well."

On the reception he received from the crowd when he came in the game

"It was very nice."

On how nervous he was

"I was nervous, very much in the first minutes. It has been six months since I have played in a game, but I was ready to play."

On how different it was than the club level ball he is used to overseas

"The players are a lot stronger and they are much faster. I need to get more experience playing at this level."

On how much the extra days over Christmas break helped him

"They helped a lot. I was able to do a lot of extra shooting and running."

Andre Iguodala

On his triple-double

"I wasn't trying for the triple-double. My rebounding and shooting is coming around - I shot well. I knew in the second half I needed about six assists for the triple-double and I didn't think I was going to get it. After I got the first triple-double, I researched a little bit and found out that Loren(Woods) was the only player with two so I had to catch him. We'll see if I get another one. My teammates helped out a lot. They were giving me the ball at the right time and I was able to take advantage of that. We were finding the open man tonight and making shots. Channing was working hard down low and that opened it up for a lot of us. Everyone was contributing tonight - everyone was involved."

On the play of Ivan Radenovic

"He is very crafty with the ball. When he has the ball he is going to either score or make a good pass for an assist. He is a great player to play with. He hasn't even adjusted to this level yet. It is going to be scary when he does."

On there being any extra motivation playing against a former UA assistant Jessie Evans when the Cats face Louisiana-Lafayette

"I am sure that their coach will want to fight hard for the win against his former program, but as players we do not get caught up in any of that stuff. You know, every coach that goes up against his former team wants to win. It is going to be a great game. We are going to play hard. They get up and down the floor well."

Lute Olson

On the play of Ivan Radenovic

"The thing that so many people in the U.S. don't understand is why there are so many foreign players in the NBA. It is because our guys couldn't live through what they do in a week. They have six-to-eight hours of practice a day as to where we only do like two-to-three here. I don't think Ivan's legs are there yet. He has great court vision. He is making and will make a huge difference on this team. I think he played very well for us tonight. That is how we expected him to play."

On going up against his former assistant

"I don't like the idea of scheduling former assistants because nobody wants to lose. He has a nice group of athletes."

On if he follows the Louisiana-Lafayette program

"Every morning when I check the paper the first thing I do is check out the news on our guys and then I look to see how all of my former assistants are doing. So yes, I follow all of their programs. I am hoping they all do well and he is doing a great job. I am very happy for him."

On Andre's triple-double

"I think Andre could have a lot of triple-doubles. What I am most happy about is his three offensive rebounds."

On Liberty's play in the second half

"I thought they shot the ball well. They shot their threes well."

On if Chris Rodgers will continue to start

"We have seven guys that get a lot of time. The important thing is that we play well as a team. Chris starting will not be a regular thing. I am very pleased with his development. From last year to this year he has made the greatest improvement of any player I have ever seen. He has had two great games in a row. He is very focused and he wants to learn."

On Mustafa not starting because of the team violation

"Mustafa still came in ready to play tonight. His head was not down at all. He is all about the team."

On the greatest contribution Jessie Evans made to the Arizona program

"What he did most for us was a solid job of recruiting. That is where he was most critical here. He is the one that recruited guys like (Mike)Bibby."

On the play of Jason Ranne

"Jason can shoot the ball. He understands the game and he seldom makes a mistake."

Liberty Head Coach Randy Dunton

"It was a great experience for us to play against one of the top five programs in the country. Tonight our kids battled and didn't quit. I give a lot of credit to Arizona. Andre (Iguodala) was the man out there. We had no match for him tonight. We are trying to move our program forward. You've got to respect the level of athleticism we've attracted. Against Valparaiso, it's going to be their traditionalism against our hunger. I think Arizona would have beat a lot of teams by 50 points tonight. We didn't have too many answers tonight. They've got kids on the floor who will play on the next level. We've got kids on the floor who will work on the next level."

Senior Guard Ryan Mantlo

"The (Wildcats) are a good team. They are one of the best teams we have played all season by far. I'm happy with the performance we put out there. Offensively, we played a good game tonight."

Louisiana-Lafayette Head Coach Jessie Evans

"I was just happy for my guys. We didn't play that great, but we played well enough to win. After Tuesday night we'll get a good measure of what we are. I'm looking forward to facing Arizona. This game was a good game for us. We were slightly more athletic than Valparaiso. We got some easy baskets early. We got a nice cushion. It's easy to play with a cushion. We don't know how we'll play Arizona. I'll try to break some things down and see what we can attack. We'll try to see who we are as a basketball team. If we put up some good quality shots we can knock Arizona down. I know if I'm going up against Lute (Olson) that I've done something good."

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