Game Talk: Arizona 95, Cal 75

Salim Stoudamire continued where he left off at ASU, scored 18 first half points, hitting 4 of 5 three-pointers, and Arizona coasted to 95-75 win over the Cal Bears.<BR> After the game, UA coach Lute Olson and the players commented on game.

Lute Olson

Opening comments
"In the first half we shut down their two guys that we thought we needed to shut down, (Amit) Tamir and (Ayinde) Ubaka, and Kately got some real good hustle buckets when he out hustled our forwards on a couple of plays. But Salim did a great job when they tried to zone us. I thought Ivan (Radenovic) came off the bench and did a great job. He's so smart and gets himself open. Channing was much more aggressive in the second half. In the first half, he's got to get himself open, we've got guys that can get him the ball but he has to get himself open. We did good job of taking care of the ball. We had only two turnovers in the first half, so that's definitely a step in the right direction."

You had some problems on the defensive glass. Cal had 18 offensive rebounds, 11 in the first half.
"We didn't do a good job. The first half we had 13 times that we didn't even make the effort to get to the boards. Basically it was a starting front line. I think Ivan is going to get more time and somebody on that front line that is not rebounding is going to have to sit down."

What did you think of Beau Muhlbach's dunk at the end of the game?
"He thought he was Michael Jordan and took off at the free throw line. He's a big time jumper and he almost got it but….."

On Salim.
"Salim is a great shooter and our guys know when he's feeling it and they do a great job of finding him."

Is this the most complete game the team has played?
"No, I think ASU was better. I get a kick when people say we didn't play well in our tournament. I thought that against Liberty we did things well. They certainly weren't at our level of competition, but I thought we played well."

Hassan Adams

Was the team's most complete game to date?
"Yes, by far, we went out there and played hard and had fun, That's first and foremost. The game was fun. Everybody was just clicking and having fun out there."

When you get a 30 point lead like you did tonight do you lose focus?
"Basically, we just play our game and keep it up and if we're up by 30 we just work on the things you need to work on for the next game, work on your weaknesses."

Salim was hot again tonight. How's that help the rest of the guys when he comes out on fire?
"He's playing with confidence and having fun. He has a smile on his face. It's good to see that. He knows we need him, so it's good to see him coming around."

How do you use this game to get ready for the big game against Stanford on Saturday?
"Now that this game is over we have to look at Stanford. We have a big practice tomorrow and we have to be focused and get our heads into it."

Stanford is probably going to come in undefeated. How big a game is it?
"We just need to play our game. Play Arizona basketball and we need to dictate the game and not them dictate the game."

Will you go home and watch them play against ASU?
"I'm just out there working. The guy guarding me was four inches smaller than me, so that's a mismatch. I just went to the glass and played my position, my game and played hard. When you a mismatch like (the team) goes to me and I get easy buckets."

Is the team really starting to come together?
"Our chemistry as a team is getting better and better. Our focus is getting better and we love each other and we're playing better and better as a team."

What did you think of beau Muhlbach's dunk attempt at the end of the game?
"that was just crazy. It made the game even more fun. That was just too funny. It was hilarious."

Andre Iguodala

Does this game send a message to Stanford or was the game against Cal just too easy?
"I think we're going to come out and play and we know they're going come to play hard. We just had to play a great game to get ready for Saturday."

What do you call that reverse dunk you had tonight? Do you have a name for it?
"I have no clue. I don't even know how I did it. I just saw the guy coming on my left, so did the reverse. It just happened like that."

Is it fun when can get everyone into the game like you did tonight?
"When everyone gets a chance to go out there and see what they can do then it's a lot of fun."

It's seems it makes the game much easier when Salim is on his game and shooting like he has the last two games?
"It's a lot easier. He's an outside threat and guys can't cheat off of him. He's helping everyone else a lot because guys can't cheat down on Channing (Frye) when he's hitting the shot. When he's on it makes us that much stronger."

Hassan came on strong in the second half. How did help?
"He's getting a lot more comfortable with his offense the last few games. He knows his role on the team and we just let him play his game. He puts the ball in the hole in a very unique way but he gets it done."

We you guys looking ahead to Stanford?
"I don't think so. These guys are focused and come out ready to play each game, so before each game we're ready to play that team. I don't think we overlooked Cal at all, I think we just took the couple of practices scouting Cal and then tomorrow we'll start getting ready for Stanford. I think we take each game as it comes."

How anxious are you to play Stanford?
"I'm as anxious as any other game. I take it as just another game. You can't get too anxious or you might come out over anxious, so I'm just going to take like any other game."

Are you aware that Stanford has won here at McKale the last three years?
"I've heard about that, but we have to come out like it's a regular game and come out and attack. You can't take like it's a less valuable game or a more valuable. They're all the same."

What concerns you about Stanford?
"I think if we play our game, they'll have to be more concerned about us than we have to be about them. We have that up tempo game that we can get up and down the floor and a lot of teams can't keep up with us."

What do you know about Stanford?
"They have a lot of great shooters and their inside guys have improved a lot but we'll just take like another game."

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