Rollman tripping mid-week

A lot of Wildcat football fans who follow recruiting have been waiting for the big beef to start arriving on campus, and one of the Wildcats biggest targets on the offensive line will be making a mid-week visit to Tucson. Eddie Rollman, a big offensive tackle, played his high school ball at Burnet High in Burnet, Texas in an offense very similar to what new coach Mike Stoops intends to employ.

CatTracks: First of all Eddie, how big are you?
Eddie Rollman: I'm 6-4 and I now weigh 287.

CT: Now you just tripped to SMU, how did you like it?
ER: I liked it pretty good. It felt kind of like home. They looked like everybody on the team was pretty close.

CT: Now you originally had Arizona among your top schools before the coaching change, correct?
ER: I had Arizona in my top five and then I kind of dropped them off my list because I didn't know who their coach was going to be. But now that they have Mike Stoops up there as their coach I'm looking at them again.

CT: Weren't you looking at Oklahoma State there for awhile?
ER: I went on an unofficial to Oklahoma State but I didn't really like it.

CT: Were you offered by the previous staff?
ER: I was offered by the previous staff and Coach Stoops has told me that offer is still good.

CT: What got you interested in Arizona in the first place?
ER: I met some of the coaches and they had seemed pretty nice and I really just wanted to go out there and see if I like it.

CT: Have you talked to any of the new Arizona coaches?
ER: I've talked to Coach Stoops a couple of times and I'm going up there Tuesday (Jan., 13). I'm going to miss school to check it out.

CT: Have met or talk to any of the other coaches?
ER: Well I know Coach Wolford because he was at North Texas and he was recruiting me when he was there.

CT: What are some of your other top schools?
ER: Purdue, Notre Dame. I'm going to Notre Dame the 23rd

CT: Is there a chance you will commit before you complete all your trips?
ER: No, I'm going to take all of my trips and I've already told them (Arizona) that. They don't have a problem with it. I want to have all of my visits done within two weeks so I can make a decision.

CT: What are the main things you will be looking at in selecting a school? Academics, weather or social life?
ER: Well there will be academics everywhere I'm looking, but the social aspect is important because if I don't like it, then what's the point? Weather might be a factor because I've never been up to Indiana or those other climates.
CT: How did your team do this year?
ER: We were 14-1.

CT: What honors did you receive?
ER: First team all-state and first team all CenTex.

Rollman, who will be visiting the UA on Jan. 13, had just returned from SMU when Cat Tracks caught up with him. CT: What is your strong point as an offensive lineman?
ER: I would say pass blocking is my strongest point. We were a passing team. We ran a spread offense for the last three years.

CT: What is your bench press?
ER: My max is about 320.

CT: Did it have a big impact on you when Mike Stoops was named head coach?
ER: Yeah. It tells me that they are going to turn that organization around and win some games up there. It has a lot of impact.

CT: Do you know any players on the Arizona team?
ER: No, I don't know any players on the team but I know they have a lot of Texans.

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