Good news and bad news for Arizona recruits

Arizona hosted LB Ronnie Palmer this past weekend. They were supposed to bring in RB Samson Taylor, but that fell through and now the Cats may be out of the picture for Taylor.

Texas linebacker Ronnie Palmer recently returned from his official visit to Arizona. The Wildcats made a big impression on Palmer, and Palmer had said he might not be taking any more visits. Will he be visiting Notre Dame this weekend?

Ronnie Palmer enjoyed his visit to Arizona. "It was very good," said Palmer. "I felt real comfortable there. It's a lot like Houston. The atmoshpere was great. I like what they plan to do with their defense, and I think I can play early there."

Palmer was quoted as saying he might cancel his remaining visits after his Arizona visit. "That was kind of a heat of the moment thing. I still plan to take all my visits. I'm going to Notre Dame this weekend. Notre Dame will be here in just a few minutes. Coach Preston is supposed to be here soon. I'm looking forward to visiting and finding out more about Notre Dame."

Palmer has also scheduled Oklahoma State. "I will be taking that visit. I want to take all my visits. I will make a decision when I've taken all my visits and I sit down and talk it over with my family."

Texas runningback Samson Taylor has narrowed down his choices to two schools.

"I'm down to [Texas] A&M and Notre Dame" said Samson Taylor the 5'11 200lb running back from The Woodlands TX. "I will be deciding between both of those schools."

What will be some of the deciding factors in choosing between the two? "Well A&M is close to home" said Taylor. "It's only about an hour and a half away. Plus, they've been recruiting me from the start. With Notre Dame, it's a program that's on the rise and the education is really good. I could do anything with a Notre Dame degree. Football wise, both schools are similar. They both are pretty young teams that struggled this year but both will be back at the top again."

Taylor is schedule to visit Notre Dame officially this weekend. "My father and I are coming up [to South Bend] on Friday. Coach Preston came by my school today to see me and make sure everything was still set with my visit. I want to see how I fit in at Notre Dame socially, as well as on the field."

Notre Dame isn't his last visit however. Next weekend (1/23) Taylor visits A&M officially. "I've been to A&M about seven or eight times. They always invite me to stuff so me and my dad always go. I pretty much know what they have to offer but the official will be a little different since I'll be hanging out with the players."

A decision should be coming from Taylor within the next three weeks. "I'll be sitting down with my father and figuring out what's best for me after I take both visits." Will he be taking any in home visits? "Yes, my father told me that Coach Willingham is scheduled to come in some time next week. I probably have A&M over as well."

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