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Meet Julian Wright, of Homewood-Flossmoor High School in Illinois. His team is one of the best in the Chicago area and he'll be one of the most sought after recruits in the nation.

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Julian Wright is a rising star in the class of 2005 and has caught the eye of many big programs around the country.  The only problem is, he's not quick to name any of them.

"I have no list at this point.  I think I'll start looking into recruitment in late March after the high school season."

His junior season and his studies come first for this Chicago area star.

"Right now I'm focusing on getting my grades together, focusing on finals and my high school basketball.   I want to get my SATs and ACTs out of the way before I really start looking at schools."

That doesn't mean Wright isn't checking his mail box on a daily basis though.

"I get stuff from Arizona, and really just a bunch of schools.  It'd be too hard to name them all.  I'd say I get mail from a few teams from every conference."

Wright also enjoys watching some of his prospective schools, including Kansas whom he's seen multiple times this season on national television.

"I saw Kansas play a few games.  I saw them beat TCU.  They have good athletes, they run the floor.  They have a good offense, but their also about crashing the boards.  They're about rebounding and then running the floor.  I ! like that style."

Wright likes teams that run the floor because that's his style of play.  With a frame that still could use some filling out, Wright is not yet an extremely physical player.

"To get down the floor, that's my style of play.  I'm not a banger."

Wright's style has helped him post numbers this season that he's content with, but others might not be.  The unselfish star likes to do the "little things" and doesn't feel pressure to post double-doubles every night even though he knows many expect that from him.

"We have a lot of talent on our team this year, so I don't feel the pressure to score.

If people look at you and feel you have to put up 25 a game, that's not really good.  If that's the expectation, then that could hinder you in the long run."

Wright currently averages 9 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 blocks per game and doesn't mind sharing the spotlight on his team.

"Usually big college prospects are the go to guy on their team. We have a lot of go to guys on our team.  So, I'm just trying to be versatile and help spread around the stats.

Me being unselfish is the key.  I try to do a lot of things to help start the offense. Things that might not end up on the stat sheet."

So far, Wright's lack of big numbers hasn't discouraged many programs from giving him a look.  Wright just keeps on working as he tries to get set for the next level.


"I think I'll most likely be a wing forward, a small-forward (in college).  I've been working on my shooting so maybe a shooting guard.  The 2 or the 3.  I've also been working on guarding guards and getting quicker on my feet."

It doesn't matter to Wright what spot he's projected to play because he wants to play them all.  He loves watching Minnesota's Kevin Garnett and hopes to be as versatile as "KG" someday.

"My favorite player is Kevin Garnett.  He's so versatile.  You can take away one part of his game, but if you have as many talents as him, you can't take away all the parts of his game. 

So, if you don't have a good scoring night, you can help your team with defense or rebounding.  Not having to rely on just one part of your game is key and to me, he's the most versatile player in the league.  He's capable of playing at least three positions."

Wright is capable of that feat as well and the best part is, he's not done growing.

"I'm still growing.   My doctor said I could grow to about 6-9 and a half."

Stay tuned for more updates on this 2005 prospect in late March and early April.

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