Game Talk: USC controls Arizona

Arizona was less than pleased with its lackluster effort at USC. The loss was the UA's second straight and sets up a must-win situation at UCLA.

Desmon Farmer

"It's a big upset for us. I think it could be a big turnaround for us. It's the biggest game of my career. The guys bought in. They bought into it and we were successful."

On the reason for his career-high performance: "I was waiting for my time and waiting to get open. I didn't expect to hit 40, but tonight was my night. I was just producing to the point of trying to get wins."

Hassan Adams:

On effort: "They just wanted it more than us from start to finish. They rebounded more than us. We did a terrible job on Farmer. We were supposed to recognize he's a scorer, and we didn't."

On Arizona's offensive struggles: "We have to penetrate more and look for better shots. I probably could have rebounded better. I'm not going to be down about it. Every game is a different game, but we have to come out of this slump immediately."

On the opponents' motivation: "We have to understand that everybody, when they play us, it's going to be their biggest game."

On Arizona rebounding deficiency: "We need five people to go on the glass. You can look at the film and see five guys jumping. Some of our guys aren't aggressive enough to the ball."

On Arizona's 18 turnovers: "We didn't take care of the ball very well, and it led to fastbreak opportunities for them."

Mustafa Shakur:

On reasons for the loss: "Turnovers and they beat us in transition."

On Arizona's offensive struggles: "I think teams know every guy on this team is a threat offensively, but the way to stop penetration offensively is the zone. We just have to make shots and create gap situations."

On overall team attitude: "We just have to stay positive and take care of the ball this next game."

Lute Olson: On the UA's effort: "The team that played the hardest won the game. They outhustled us, outscrapped us, and Farmer was unbelievable. He really schooled our perimeter guys. We gave them 20-some points on turnovers. They outhustled us every way they could."

On mental toughness: "Stupid things. Andre had seven turnovers. Most of the turnovers were made in such a way that they converted buckets. We'd get it to one and the next time you looked up it was nine or 10."

On Arizona's inability to control the glass: "If you're going to get rebounds, you have to jump. Don't let that rebound be in the basket area, where they're going to be able to put it away. Hassan picked up two fouls that were absolutely mental mistakes. It seems like we're having a hard time getting five guys to do what needs to be done. Every team we play is going to play it like it's the biggest game of the year, and some of our guys don't understand that. Mustafa does, and he's a freshman."

On the play of Channing Frye: "We need to have Channing be much more aggressive in terms of getting open on the inside. They outmuscled Channing something fierce on the inside. Mentally we're just not tough enough."

On what it takes to win: "Do your job. That's what we're saying. This is a game of 40 minutes. If you play less, you're going to get beat. There isn't anywhere we're going to play where if we play less we're going to win."

On offensive struggles: "We require people to move to gaps and get openings. Andre (Iguodala), I don't know where he was. Then we swung him to the point, and he turns it over three or four times. Where do you put him? Maybe next to me, I don't know."

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