Game Talk: Arizona 90, Oregon 66

Ian Crosswhite hit a three-pointer 26 seconds into the game and Oregon managed to keep it close for the first eight minute. Then the Wildcats went on one of their patented runs and outscored the Ducks 15-0. For all practical purposes the game was over. Arizona went on one to methodically roast the Ducks 90-66<BR> After the game, UA coach Lute Olson and the players commented on game.

Lute Olson

What about the play of Ivan Radenovic?
"Ivan played great. But we've seen this coming in practice and when you see it in practice it's not going to be very long before you see it surfacing in a game situation. I thought our crowd was great because of the response to him. You can see the bench, every time he made a play they were up applauding him. They've been doing everyhing in practice they can do to get his confidence level up. He's very self-critical and expects things to happen just like that. He did a nice job defensively and offensivel. Not only did he shoot it but he penetrated and made some things happen off the dribble too."

Was Radenovic just more aggressive today?
"Ivan came out aggressive from the beginning. He took it to the hole and he was ready to shoot it."

Is (Radenovic) a better catch-and-shoot player than a guy that puts it on the floor?
"He puts it down well. The only problem is he's used to putting it down (on the floor) and not having offside help so he can take it all the way (to the basket). He's has to learn that it's better to pull up and take the shot. But he worked hard this week on being more ready catch and shoot and show the fake off the pass. It's amazing how well he's adjusted in the short amount of time he's been here. There's no doubt that he's vital to our long-range success."

Are you happy with the way the team has played over the last three games?
"We've played well. Defensively we've really created problems for teams to get a decent look."

Why did you call time out just 30 seconds into the first half?
"We had taken like three shots and not one time did we have our two forwards go to the offensive boards. We're not going to wait around on that. I told them ‘if you're not on the boards you're out'. They're supposed to know that by now. I don't know why they don't."

All- in all, your team did a good job on the offensive glass.
"Channing did a really good job. He had eleven total (rebounds) and seven offensive boards, so that was a key."

How about the defensive effort that Andre Iguodala did on their leading scorer, Luke Jackson?
"Andre Iguodala did a great job and I'm not sure how many of those points Luke got when Andre was in. He scored a number of his points when I had taken Andre out. Andre was really good I thought defensively."

You had only one turnover in the first half. Do you recall that happening before?
"Not that I can remember and that was a three second violation. It wasn't a bad pass or anything in terms of handling the ball. They had only three offensive rebounds in the first half. We had 21 more possessions with the turnovers that they had and offensive rebounds in the first half."

What was the key to the difference in turnovers in the first half?
"Our quickness really bothered them. There is no question about that. On the other hand, they do a nice job defensively too. Mustafa, in the league, he's done a great job of taking care of the ball. We're just not making a whole lot of mistakes with the pass now. We're not trying to make great plays. We're making sure it's open before we throw the ball."

Hassan Adams

How critical was it to sweep this weekend?
"We had a job to do, a big job to do. It was a challenge basically to play hard and we went out there focused and stopped them."

You had control of the game from beginning to end. Was that the plan?
"That's what we tried to do. That's what we wanted to do. We knew we had to come out and jump on them. We thought this would be good a opportunity for us to work on that, be the aggressor."

To what do you attribute only one turnover in the first half?
"We came out focused and took care of the ball and played together and got shots."

Talk about the play of Ivan Radenovic.
"He's coming around and playing within himself and the system and we're just happy to have him coming around. He's hitting his shots and playing aggressive, playing hard, going to the boards. He had a good game today."

Is Ivan getting more comfortable with the other players?
"It's a learning process for him, getting in the groove, it's new for him."

What was the game plan on Luke Jackson?
"Be aggressive on him and don't give him any looks. Get in his face every time he gets the ball. Just get in his face every time he was coming off a curl or coming off a pick and be aggressive with him and take away what he likes to do."

How did the team prepare for this game?
"It was just focus for us. I mean we were determined and the preparation for this game was just great. In practice the scout team helped us a lot."

What's the difference with this team now and when you played USC?
"We're playing together, that's the big thing. We're making the extra pass, everybody's having fun. Somebody makes a shot and we feed off that and build momentum from there. We just make sure everybody is playing together and having fun."

Oregon is a running team but they couldn't run with you guys today. Why?
"We wanted it, we just wanted it a little bit more. We came to get up and down the floor and play our game. Hopefully we'll just continue to get better and we should be alright.

Any chance of a let down next week against the Washington schools?
"Every team out there wants to beat us. So we just have to go out there and just destroy them and go out there and play our game and jump on them early like we did this game and come away with the wins."

Ivan Radenovic

You played really well today, but has it been a difficult adjustment?
"In the beginning I didn't play well and I think this game proved that I'm going to be better. Of course I work hard and that's the key."

Are you getting to the point where you're comfortable with the other players?
"I'm really comfortable, especially today. I don't know why. I think it's a matter of practicing. I needed time. It's a different culture and I just needed time.

Has it taken longer than you thought it would?
"I think it did. I thought I would learn much quicker. It's not been that long, but I thought it would be shorter.

Did the way the Ducks were focusing on Salim Stoudamire open it up for you offensively?
"I think it did. I got a few open shots and I made them, but I didn't the last game. So I'm happy."

Channing Frye

What did you think of the play of Ivan Radenovic?
"Ivan played awesome and that's what we've been expecting out of him. Today he played with a lot confidence and we kept feeding him the ball."

Do you think you guys can keep playing with this intensity and keep it going?
"Definitely, I think the good thing about our team is that each game somebody steps up. Today everybody was making that extra pass again."

The Ducks were just 5 for 19 from behind the three-point line. How important was that?
"I think that's just a focus we needed to have today and I think we did that. I think that's what we need to do every game.

You killed them on the offensive boards and on the assist/turnover ratio. Was that a key?
"We just played our game. I think we're just aggressive to the boards and I felt like we needed to step up and beat them on the glass.

You took care of business on this home stand. How important is that?
"That's what we had to do. We had to make up for the two loses that we have by going out there and playing with a lot of intensity. It's not so much that we're trying to make up loses, but we're trying to get better ourselves.

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