Collison Among Top Point Guards

Darren Collison, a 6-0 point guard from Etiwanda (Calif.), has moved into the ranks of the elite point guards in the west for 2005. We spoke with him Saturday about his recruitment...

Darren Collison, 6-0 JR PG Etiwanda (Calif.) High, has elevated his game to the point where we believe he's among the elite PGs in the west for 2005. He's very slender, and needs to get stronger, but he's got a very solid game. He has a nice outside shot, good vision and an excellent feel for the game.

We spoke with Collison on Saturday and asked about the schools expressing interest in him.

"Stanford...some others also," said Collison.

Collison said he doesn't have a lot of specific criteria right now in choosing a school. "Just a good program with good chemistry," said Collison. "A good school -- academics are important."

We asked if geography or playing time will play a role in his choice. "It doesn't matter where it is," said Collison. "I'll go anywhere. And I'll look at the roster, but early playing time isn't a big factor."

Collison doesn't see himself making a decision anytime soon. "I'll probably take my time," Collison said.

We asked Collison if there are any schools he's pretty sure he'd like to visit and he replied, "UCLA, of course, and probably Arizona, Oregon and Stanford."

Collison said he really admired a Pac-10 school when he was growing up. "Arizona was my favorite," said Collison. "They always had a good program."

Collison told us that he has a 3.0 GPA and he's waiting on results from a recent SAT test.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Collison is a fast riser and it will be interesting to see if he can really catch the eye of the Wildcats. As of now they want a versatile combo-guard and from all indications Collison is more of a true point.

With a good summer, the young guard could vault up the list of guards the Cats are considering.

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