2005 Focus: Jon Brockman

How many guys, when asked for their stats, start with rebounds? Junior power forward Jon Brockman does. The name isn't household but the game is old school toughness and you'll hear a lot from him soon.

Jon Brockman, a 6-7, 240 pound junior power forward from Snohomish (WA) High, in all likelihood, will emerge from the spring AAU season with a bigger national reputation.

Why? Well, for starters Brockman plays the game with reckless abandon. Ask him about his season averages and he begins by listing his rebound total: 14 a game with a high of 20.

"That's [the stat] I check up on after games," Brockman said. He's also averaging 24 points a night. He's one of those guys who leads the league in floor burns and hustle, ala Brian Cardinal.

"I'm aggressive, I go all out. I love rebounding. That's one of my main things."

So far, UCLA have been in to watch him. Brockman says each has offered a scholarship at this point. Though all of his schools are from the west, Brockman says he's open to exploring other options and more schools said they were trying to come out to see him.

Still, he's in no rush with his recruitment. "I'm kind of just concentrating on our season right now. Once the season is over, I'll be thinking about that a lot more." Brockman, who will play with Seattle Friends of Hoop, says he'd like to take all five visits.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Brockman is a banger with athleticism. When we saw him last summer he was not afraid to mix it up and always plays hard. He's not going to wow you with his high flying dunks or perimeter game, but he's the type of physical presence that Arizona does not have this year.

The Cats are scouting Brockman and will likely make a push for the young man. Wildcat coaches have been to Washington to see him play and it won't be a shock to see him become more of a priority recruit. Right now he is not being as heavily pursued as a Tyler Hansbrough or Amir Johnson, but that should change.

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