Stoudamire to sit

Wildcat junior guard Salim Stoudamire has been suspended according to several media outlets including CBS Sportsline and ESPN.

Reports of Stoudamire's suspension surfaced Wednesday afternoon, but no confirmation was ever given. According to the reports Stoudamire has been suspended for "conduct detrimental to the team."

Last night assistant coaches Rodney Tention and Josh Pastner would not comment on the rumors and any details have bee kept quiet due to University privacy laws.

Players contacted last night denied the reports as well.

All week long there has been talk of tension within the team. Olson mentioned the "me, me, me" attitudes and his players and called the team "mentally weak".

Stoudamire himself said that "guys need to accept their roles". Channing Frye also mentioned problems stemming from "outside influeneces."

Several players hinted that relationships were strained, but would not go into any detail.

Stoudamire's attitude has long been a question mark. On several occasions Olson has told the media that Stoudamire needs to become more of a leader and less negative.

The length of the suspension is not know. He will sit out the Washington game and will likely sit out the Washington State game.

Cat Tracks will speak with players and coaches after the game and we hope to have more information on this story.

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