Stoudamire back for WSU

Arizona junior guard Salim Stoudamire will return to the Wildcat lineup after serving a one-game suspension. Stoudamire was originally suspended "indefinitely" but Lute Olson met with his staff and reinstated Stoudamire to play Saturday against Washington State. Weather Stoudamire starts is still undetermined.

Stoudamire was suspended for the Wildcats' 89-84 loss to Washington on Thursday night. The official reason was listed as "failure to meet team responsibilities" but no specifics were given to privacy rules. "It was immature actions on my part that were detrimental to the team," Stoudamire confessed. "I am not going to go into any specifics. (It was) things that were happening in the games and off the court.

Although the exact reason for the suspension was not given, various rumors surfaced including stories of a practice altercation and a verbal altercation on a bus. Stoudamire denied both of these accusations and several sources close to the team echoed those denials as well.

Cat Tracks has been told several small incidents led to the disciplinary action and things came to a head over the weekend. No one action warranted the suspension, but it was the culmination of small events.

During Thursday night's lose to Washington, Stoudamire sat on the Arizona bench in street clothes and was very active in cheering on his teammates. It was an interesting display from a player who could be described as aloof and has been criticized by Olson for his negative body language.

"I was cheerleading and stuff," Stoudamire said. "The fact we lost made it tough."

The Arizona basketball staff indicated that Stoudamire might start on Saturday and that they were very pleased with his actions on the bench and how he reacted in a Friday meeting. Stoudamire practiced with the team on Friday. Stoudamire is one of many Wildcats who have been suspended over the years. Last season Rick Anderson was held out of the Davidson game. The official reason was flu-like symptoms and personal problems but it came just one game after Anderson made a rude gesture to the crowd at LSU.

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