Game Talk: Cats over Cougs

The Arizona locker room was a much nicer place to be on Saturday afternoon than it was on Thursday night. The players and coaches were in a very good move and were a little more talkative. Here are what the Wildcats (and Dick Bennett) had to say after the game.

Lute Olson

"I thought in the first half our defensive intensity was the best all year."

"We're still looking for a 40-minute game. I thought we played 30 good minutes and ten that we would rather forget about."

"They will get some extra time off. They have the rest of today and Sunday. We will do some running on Monday."

"First half we were intense on every defensive board. The second half we let too many get away in the low post."

"Andre had 16 boards and came out in the first half attacking. Salim did a good job defending Moore. For Channing and Hassan to hold Simmons and Gill to three field goals was something else.

Andre Iguodala

"We played a great first half. Towards the end of the game we had some defensive lapses. We didn't communicate well. We need to keep our concentration the whole game."

"We had a great practice yesterday. Guys are getting better, and we came out ready to play today."

"We know what we need to do. We need to go out and play hard and just play basketball. We need to realize that we need to attack at all times."

"We needed a win bad. Also, I really need to attack at all times instead of being passive. I was just trying to attack today."

"It was nice to have a great shooter like Salim back. He is a great teammate and a great person towards me.

Hassan Adams

"We stepped it up defensively today. We played a great game today."

"We need to keep our intensity going defensively. We did a great job as a team going out there and playing basketball."

"Salim played great defense, and did a great job for us out there. He shot the ball well and played hard. It is good to have him back."

Salim Stoudamire

"I went in and talked to Coach O and he wanted me to get out there and hold him (Marcus Moore) under 10 points and I did that."

"Sitting out the other night, I realized that we don't play any defense. So I had to start it out from the jump playing defense."

"I'm not talking about Thursday night."

WSU coach Dick Bennett

"We were substantially outplayed this afternoon. Arizona came out alive, they got up and down the court and got on the glass."

"Arizona's quickness was most impressive. We were one step slower than them and just couldn't keep up."

"I knew they would come out ready. They weren't going to lose two games in a row at home."

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