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The Davis Nwankwo saga is coming to a close, but it is far from over. The big man from Maryland has been through the wringer over his choice of schools and things have not been decided yet, but the picture could be a lot clearer.

Originally it was Arizona and Stanford in the hunt for Nwankwo's services, but the Cardinal are out. He's still listing five schools, but two new names are on the list. Gonzaga and Princeton have joined Arizona, Miami and Georgia Tech, although one gets the impression from talking to him that the Cats, Zags and Tigers are in front.

Nwankwo's story is old hat by now. The 6-9 big man has long favored Arizona, but his parents wanted him to go to Stanford. After much deliberation, Nwankwo decided not to sign in the early signing period and is now waiting until the next signing period in April.

Nwankwo had an up and down season personally, but his Georgetown Prep club went 20-6 and won the conference championship. Individually his numbers were not great, but he had to share the court with a pair of talented big men, including seven-footer Roy Hibbert.

"I want the ball obviously, but when we have as much talent as we do, I have to do what's best for the team," Nwankwo said.

Nwankwo was actually forced to play a bit on the outside this season and feels that he has a much better jump shot. He's very athletic and the additional experience on the outside should help round out his game.

Another great benefit to having a lot of talent on his team is that it creates very competitive practices. Nwankwo feels that playing against Hibbert every day in practice will get him ready for college. Being able to play with talented players will also benefit him. Too many players come into college without the ability to play with other players. That won't be a problem for Nwankwo.

"Going against these guys everyday in practice has definitely given me an edge," Nwankwo admitted.

Nwankwo says he'd like to get stronger before getting to school and he'd like to just improve his overall game. He won't admit a leader, but he would not deny his continued interest in the Wildcats. He says he wants to make a verbal announcement some time this month and get things over with officially when he signs a letter of intent in April.

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: The Cats are still calling. Nwankwo claims they are still coming hard, but we've heard they may have cooled a little on the big man. They don't need him as bad as they did before. They have Radenovic in the fold and Isaiah Fox has an extra year of eligibility. It also looks like Channing Frye may be back, so that would give the Cats five post players on the roster when you add freshman Kirk Walters and incoming player Mohamed Tangara.

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