Center prospect wants to stay in Pac-10

Jordan Wilkes is still a bit of a project, but he is starting to gain the attention of a number of schools. We caught up with the 6-10 center and learned a lot more about where he wants to play and why.

Wilkes is the younger brother of Kansas freshman Omar Wilkes and the son of former NBAer Jamaal Wilkes. The younger Wilkes is a big post player who's skills are still very raw.

He's a center who could develop into a top-tier prospect. He's got a nice face-up game, but he's still developing and is still getting used to his body. He's already 6-10 and may not be done.

"I've been compared to a lower skilled Kevin Garnett," Wilkes said.

He's got a nice jumper and is good from about 15-17 feet.

"My strength is facing up," Wilkes said. "I'm getting better in the post."

Wilkes would ideally like to stay in the Pac-10 and says that just about every team in the conference has something he is interested in. Stanford, UCLA and USC are showing the most interest at this point, but he claims that he has no particular favorite at this point.

The Wildcats have been in contact with Wilkes and he is interested in Arizona.

"Oh, yeah, I'm definitely interested in them," Wilkes said of the Cats.

He may not know exactly what school he wants to attend, but he clearly knows what he wants in a school.

"I'll be honest, location does matter, I want to stay in the west," Wilkes said. "How I fit into the program matters most, as does the surrounding community and the academics."

Wilkes is a very strong student. He had a 3.6 on his last report card.

He's been fortunate to see how the recruiting process works after watching his brother's crazy recruitment. Omar surprised many when he looked like a lock for UCLA but wound up at Kansas. The whole process made Jordan wary.

"I learned to be careful," Wilkes said. "Not everything you hear is true. You have to listen to what your family has to say, because they are the only ones who have your best interest at heart."

Wilkes has not set his summer plans yet. He has no timetable for committing either, but wants to get it done before his senior season starts.

Jordan Wilkes Profile

CAT TRACKS' ANALYSIS: Wilkes is starting to garner more attention from the Wildcats. They seem to be intrigued by what the big man could develop into. They clearly want a center in this class as a replacement for Channing Frye and a compliment for Kirk Walters. Wilkes could be a guy who is a bit of a project, but will pay dividends down the road.

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