End of an era

Dear Wildcat Fans,<BR> I'm writing to let you know that I've sold Cat Tracks Magazine and CatTracks.net. Thus you are about to enter a new era. I don't expect the new owners to make any drastic changes and if it weren't for this announcement many of you would not even realize the change in ownership had taken place.

A little history:

I started Cat Tracks Magazine as a weekly tabloid focusing on the University of Arizona Athletic programs in March of 1989, almost 15 years ago to the day. I've seen many changes, both at the UA and in the way information is provided to our fans, during the time I've owned the publication.

However, as the leaders have changed (UA Athletic Director Cedric Dempsey to Jim Livengood) and the Internet has become a more powerful force in publishing, one thing has remained constant - my love for the University of Arizona and the true fans who support the UA Athletic Department.

As subscribers to Cat Tracks Magazine and as Premium Subscribers to CatTracks.net, you have helped support this endeavor and I thank you for that. Your unwavering enthusiasm for Wildcat sports has been instrumental in the success of the publication and the growth of CatTracks.net. Your fan support is also recognized around the world and has elevated The University of Arizona Athletic Department as a major force and one of the elite programs in college athletics.

I'm very proud of our accomplishments at Cat Tracks Magazine and CatTracks.net, but our success is directly attributed to the support of our fans and the hard work of our staff. I am sure the fans will continue to be supportive of the print publication and CatTracks.net. I'm equally certain that the staff's work ethic will not change and the quality of the content will improve as it has over the years.

You might ask, "Why would you sell Cat Tracks now?"

Very simply, it's the right time for someone else to take over. With a 20-year run of success, Lute Olson has been the cornerstone of UA Athletic success. In the next few years, the Lute Olson era will end. However, the Mike Stoops era has just begun. I believe the success of Wildcat football will join forces with the excitement we've come to expect from Wildcat basketball and the non-revenue sports. This "New Era" will bring unprecedented enjoyment to Wildcat fans.

I will remain as a working member of the Cat Tracks staff through March and the NCAA Basketball Tournament, then I'll become one of you: a diehard Wildcat fan, a subscriber to Cat Tracks Magazine and CatTracks.net and a contributor on the CatTracks.net Message Boards.

I've gotten to know many of you over the years and this business has brought me so much closer to the passion we share for Wildcat sports that I call a great number of you my friends. I will cherish our friendships forever.

Hopefully we can nurture our relationships as we welcome and support Bob & Dottie Avery, the new owners of Cat Tracks Magazine and CatTracks.net.

Thank you so much.

Regards, Doug Carr

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