Tention diagrams dramatic final seconds

Mustafa Shakur's heroics helped propel Arizona into round two of the Pac-10 tournament. UA assistant coach Rodney Tention talked about the game with Cat Tracks Magazine.

Arizona led by 10 in the first half, and five with under three minutes to play, yet needed a dramatic play from freshman point guard Mustafa Shakur to advance to the second round of the Pac-10 tournament. With 4.9 seconds left and the game tied, Shakur took the inbounds pass from Channing Frye and drove to the top of the key, where he pulled up and buried a three-pointer at the buzzer.

UA assistant coach Rodney Tention discussed the game:

Cat Tracks: Diagram the game's final play.

Tention: "The last play was get the ball to Staf and get the hell out of the way. He's fast as hell. At worst he was going to get a charge and they weren't going to get a shot off. That was the option."

Cat Tracks: Did you have confidence in Shakur's ability to make the play?

Tention: "It's just a fact that he's fast and he was going to be able to advance the ball up quicker than anybody. If we got a turnover or charge, they weren't going to get a shot. He pulled up. We survived. That's what it's all about right now."

Cat Tracks: Hassan Adams was outstanding.

Tention: "You can't say enough. 14 boards. That's what we needed. Nothing conventional. ‘Animal' is what I call him."

Cat Tracks: After the energy expended, can you bounce back against Washington?

Tention: "We have no choice but to. They're in the same boat. If we want to win we have to play hard tomorrow."

Cat Tracks: Even when things weren't going well, it looked as though the team's attitude was good.

Tention: "They never thought they were going to lose. They just kept battling. If we rebound, we can run, the guards in particular. We made some mistakes and they got back into it, but we fought hard."

Cat Tracks: Does the team take the matchup with Washington personality since it was swept in the regular season?

Tention: "It doesn't happen often that we get beat three times in a season. It's difficult to beat a team that many times. We owe ‘em at least one, and tomorrow is the best time."

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