Game Talk: Washington 90, Arizona 85

The Arizona Wildcats attacked the Huskies and built an early 19-10 lead. Then foul trouble entered the picture, the team switched from its man-to-man defense to a 1-3-1 zone and Washington hit four straight three-pointers to take a 28-24 lead and never really looked back.<BR> The Wildcats reclaimed the lead briefly but the Huskies hit big shots down stretch and sent the Wildcats home to Tucson still hoping for a berth in the NCAA Tournament.

Lute Olson' opening comments

"They're (Washington) difficult to play. They're quick defensively it seems like they have six guys out there on the floor they're so active. Plus they knock shots down. Another telling area is on the boards where they just got too many second efforts. They outscored us by eight on second chance points which was just a killer for us. Of course we got in foul trouble again and we just don't have the depth to be effective if we have to sit people out."

Can you comment on being 0-3 against the Huskies this season
"Obviously they're a better ball club than we are. I mean we are 0 and 3 against them. They played great and they deserved to win. They've proven that they're a better team than we are."

Do you think you're in the NCAA Tournament?
"Hopefully we'll get in. There is no excuse for that (playing heavy minutes in back to back games). It is still about your competitive juices. One good thing is that we don't have any injuries coming out of this weekend. I guess we'll just have to see what happens on Sunday."

Can you talk about Washington's turnaround from a 0 and 5 start in Pac-10 play?
"They got that first win and the confidence just came after that. They have confidence in how they're shooting. You wonder what would have happened if (Oregon State) hadn't hit that three in overtime in the Oregon State game. You can see it in the way they shoot and how confident they are in that. Plus their bench does a great job, they had forty points tonight."

Andre Iguodala

What made the difference that swung the game in favor of the Huskies?
"They hit big shots and they wanted it more, so they deserved to win."

Tell us about your three-point defense because Washington really burned you with the three?.
"They were getting open shots, penetrating and dishing and they knocked them down. They really weren't doing anything spectacular or special, they were just doing little things to get open shots."

When you got in foul trouble in the first half and went to the 1-3-1 zone they really hurt you. Could you talk about that?
"Coaches talked about that. We got in foul trouble and shot ourselves in the foot and they capitalized off it."

What do you expect next week to be like?
"Just a regular week. We just got to go into it and work hard and get ready to finish off the season."

Is fatigue a problem at all?
"I don't think so. We're conditioned. We've been playing basketball all our lives, so we know how to play 40 minutes as hard you can. We should be doing that and not having problems."

What happens when you have so many players with four fouls and such a short bench?
"It does hurt us evidently. We're not that deep. A couple of injuries hurt us unfortunately. You have to play through that and just try to make the best out of the situation. Hassan (Adams) and Salim (Stoudamire) tried to play as hard as they could so we can't be down on them and be negative about those guys. They played hard when they were in the game, it's just something you have to play through."

Chris Rodgers

How do you regroup after a loss like this?
"It just starts in practice. You just have to continue to get better and work hard in practice."

Foul trouble and a short bench forced you guy to play the 1-3-1. Do you like playing zone?
"Washington played well tonight and executed their offense when we played zone and they came out on top. Personally I'd rather not play the zone, but that's a coaching decision and you just have to make the best of the situation. When we get in foul trouble and we try the best we can in the zone."

Games matter more next week. What do you do to get back in the right frame of mind?
"We look back at this game and try to figure out the mistakes we made and try to learn from them."

Washington is very quick and very much like the Arizona team. Why do they give you so much trouble?
"I think they have a lot of confidence when they play us, especially after having two wins against us. They made big shot down the stretch, which they need to make, and they've got the win over us three games now. The turning point has been that they've been able to execute down the stretch and we haven't."

Mustafa Shakur

Early foul trouble plagued you guys, particularly you. After your third foul in the first half, what were your thoughts?
"I just couldn't believe it when I got my third foul. I wanted to stay in but I knew I couldn't stay in. I wanted to stay in a help contribute because a lot of guys were in foul trouble too. Channing (Frye) was on the bench with two early ones, so it was really hard for us to get into a flow with the foul trouble."

You guys went to the 1-3-1 zone when you got into foul trouble and it really hurt you because the Huskies found the openings on the wings for three-point shots. Then you came out in the same zone to start the second half. Was that a factor in the defeat?
"Definitely, but we played some pretty good defense with it off and on. Then when they got the open shots, which is going to happen some times, they just hit those big shots."

Is there a feeling of disbelief that Washington could beat you three time?
"Definitely, the only thing we can do now is put it behind us and hope that we're in the NCAA Tournament. And when we get in there, we just need go out there and play like it's a new season."

How has the foul troubles effected you the last two games?
"When we have our key players in foul trouble it takes us out of the flow of the game both defensively and offensively because we're not a very deep team. If we have two or three of our key seven or eight guys in foul trouble it's definitely going to hurt us. That's something we really need to make a conscious effort to really watch when we get in the tournament."

Washington is very quick, but did the foul problems contribute to your inability to get into a rhythm tonight?
"I don't think so. USC was kind of the same way, they have the four quick guards that like to attack also. We can't say anything about foul trouble. The calls were called and some were made against them too. We just didn't bring it tonight."

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