Photo Gallery: Football Practice

Spring practice has begun for the Arizona Wildcats. The players got their first taste of the new coaches and the new system and things went very well.<BR> Here are some photos from today's practice session.

JC transfer Keil McDonald is trying to make an impact at cornerback.

The coaching staff hopes to impliment 75-80% of the offense and defense. Here the defense works on gap control and formations.

Mike Stoops led his team in his first practice as a head coach. He is pleased with both the progress and the effort.

"It was a great first day," Stoops said. "We got a lot of great reps in. We had a lot of stuff in on both sides of the ball. To go out there and do formations and adjustments, I thought it was very good. I'm happy with the amount of stuff we have been able to put in."

Conditioning was a part of the early warm-up, although most players assumed there would be more.

"There wasn't as much conditioning as I thought there would be," confessed Ryan O'Hara. "I don't want to jinx myself, but that will probably change."

\ The players were quite impressed that Stoops got involved in drills. He actually took a rep at linebacker during a 7-on-7 passing drill.

"He probably misses playing a little bit," joked one player.

Fundamentals were stressed in all of the drills. Here the quarterbacks participate in a fumble recovery drill.

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